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Thread: What line?

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    Default What line?

    Hi there again,

    Has anyone had some experiance with the Redington Predator 7'10" 8wt?
    What grain floating line do you find best for this rod?
    I have a 330 grain outbound and I feel it is abit heavy.
    Maybe just me?

    Thanks again.
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    After no experienced help I had to bite the bullet and try some lines out for this super short beast of a rod.
    I found the Rio mainstream saltwater WF8F a perfect match for my liking.

    It smashes out the bulky dear hair fly’s with ease and can still be back casted as many times as required. Hope this may help others in the future.
    I love it.

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    Default Re: What line?

    Everyone's opinion on a line is going to be different. Really the only way to find out if you are going to like it, is to try it out. You can always report back with what you think, but in the end no one is going to know what they think of a line till they try it out.

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