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  1. Default Rio Trout LT (Light Touch) Double Taper 9' 5w rod

    Anybody every used this set up, 9' 5w rod and rio's double taper trout line
    My goal is to roll cast alot, on small streams about 30' maximum cast, my rod is a fast action tip, I will use wet and dry flies.

    Trout LT DT - Freshwater Fly Lines | RIO

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    Default Re: Rio Trout LT (Light Touch) Double Taper 9' 5w rod

    As a matter of fact I have that line on a new St Croix Legend Elite 9' 5wt. I had the line before I got the rod. At first I was concerned that since Rio advertises it to be used for moderate action rods, I wasn't sure how it would load my Elite.

    Well I finally used that set up this weekend on the spring creeks in NE Iowa. I had no problem roll casting, pitching nymph rigs or making longer (30') cast. The line loads the rod well and I see no need to change line. Oh yeah, I should mention that the line was spooled on a new Trout II reel from Allen Fly Fishing and really like that reel.

    So though I normally fish a 4wt rod, I have a perfect set up for when the wind kicks up or when I feel that the 5wt will be a better tool for the situation at hand.


  3. Default Re: Rio Trout LT (Light Touch) Double Taper 9' 5w rod

    That is the line Simon Gawesworth uses in his book "Single-Handed Spey Casting"; SG uses it on a Sage Z-Axis 9'0" #5


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