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  1. Default Need advice on new fly line.

    I'm not a newcomer to fly fishing, but by no means am I an expert. I could use some advice on fly lines. I've been using a level taper 7wt floating line on my 1960's era Martin. The rod is a very slow action, tubular f'glass 8' 7wt rod. I like the rod as I have caught a train load of fish with it over the years. My fishing buddies say I need to change the line to a DT or WF. Never used a DT or WF. I make do with the level taper but I could use a line that would give me a bit more control and distance. I mostly use the rod for bass and panfish in ponds using large wooly worms, small streamers, large foam bodied spiders, and small bass bugs/poppers. What would be recommended for this rod and application? I've heard that some WF lines can overload old glass or bamboo rods and either perform poorly or actually break them. Don't know if this is true or not. The second rod I could use some advice with is a rod I just purchased. It's an Okuma Crisium graphite 4/5 wt that's 8' 6" long. Advertised as a moderately fast action. I'll be using it for panfish and trout in ponds and small rivers, mostly as a dry fly rod but occasionally with wet flies. DT or should I buy a WF? Any brand/model recommendations? I'm a blue collar stiff and would prefer lines that $50 and under but would consider more expensive lines. Thanks.

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    With pan fish and bass the poppers a larger drys a DT will carry very well and lays great but i do use both a DT and a WF i dubble haul the latter to push under over hanging but DT seams to strip better in grassy waters

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    I have to say i use a WF on a glass rod 8' 6" no problems with it

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    Default Re: Need advice on new fly line.

    You can find some very adequate fly lines with WF or DT configurations for $50 or less. They won't be as fancy and have the hype of the more expensive lines, but they'll work. You can also find some of the more expensive lines with very little use on them for sale on various boards and auction sites. As to your questions, I'd get a WF7 and DT for your lighter rod.

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    I agree with the other posters regarding fly line. For inexpensive new fly line, I've lately been purchasing on-line from Old Tyme Fly Fishing. And I've been very satisfied. Their most expensive line is $25. As a matter of fact, their $25 line is guaranteed for 5 years. They also have special buys and closeouts of $12 and $15. These lines have also worked well for me. However, their floating lines are only WF.

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    I have been happy with Rio Mainstream on my fiberglass trout rods and the price is with in line of what you are looking at.

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