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shimloom 03-04-2013 01:36 PM

nymphing line, what to use.
After 30 years of fly fishing I thought I would try nymph fishing this year, ya I know, a little slow at trying this. I have in the past caught "a" fish nymphing, I'm sure it was an accident. Any help would be great.


mikel 03-04-2013 02:38 PM

Re: nymphing line, what to use.
if you have a decent wff it'll do just fine. If you want to drop $75 on a specialty taper, go for it, but when you want to toss dries again you'll have to switch back. I got rid of all my nymph tapers and the fish don't care.

kwb 03-04-2013 03:21 PM

Re: nymphing line, what to use.
I have been fishing a Cortland BOSS taper and must say, it's amazing.

It will turn over an indy rig no problem, has a super long belly so line control is outstanding and somehow, even with the superb ability to turn over a heavy indy rig, will lay a dry fly down soft as can be. I haven't done much dry fly fishing with it as it's Winter here in Michigan, but I did put a 12' leader on and a size 14 dry just to see how it handled it, was very impressed. I have however fished an indy rig extensively on it.

I strongly suggest it, would make for a great do everything line so wouldn't be so specific when you weren't nymphing would be useless.

I don't do much high stick nymphing or Czech nymphing so if that is what you are more interested in, I can't say if this line is good or bad for that.

jaybo41 03-04-2013 04:37 PM

Re: nymphing line, what to use.
Good posts guys. I'm in agreement with mikel that a nymph specific line while great for nymphing, is less than ideal if you want to go back to dries. kwb is right on too that you can remedy this by going with a longer leader.

I have Rio Indicator or Nymph line on my 7100 and go between indy nymphing and high sticking for GL Steelhead. It's ideal for my use and when I need to lighten up the presentation, I use a longer leader just as kwb mentioned. This has its set of challenges depending on how long your leader is but does help to remedy the situation.

I nymph for trout often and do just fine with any of the non nymph specific lines, though some lines are better suited for lighter, more delicate presentations like dry flies. The biggest thing is to get a line that goes well with your rod. After 30 years, I'm sure you had that figured out long ago.

What rod will you be using to nymph with?

If you really want a nymph specific line, and are leaning in that direction after you've read the forthcoming responses...I've got a Rio Indicator line WF4, new in box that I'd part with for $45 shipped. No pressure, just thought I'd throw it out there and save you a few $$.

ghocevar 03-04-2013 06:11 PM

nymphing line, what to use.
I second the RIO Indicator and use it for GL Steelies as well. It even works ok when I put a sink tip on for swinging flies.

Come to think of it, maybe I should get a Skagit line...and a switch rod...and a new reel...oh dear!

webrx 03-05-2013 08:03 AM

Re: nymphing line, what to use.
for stillwater, I use a intermediate sinking line with a 7 to 9 foot leader/tippet, for rivers, I use a WFF and about 5 to 7 feet of 4lb flouro for the leader/tippet - this works for me.


cincyspey 03-05-2013 10:13 PM

Re: nymphing line, what to use.
i like a long bellied fly line for long indy roll casts...but yea any wf line will work. honestly if you keep it to czech and high sticking you wont want a heavy head on your fly line...

shimloom 03-05-2013 10:17 PM

Re: nymphing line, what to use.
Thanks guys for the advice. Gives me food for thought and it's always good to get great advice from fellow anglers!


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