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Thread: Cortland 333+

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    What are the opinions on this line? I see it for pretty cheap which leads me to believe that it's probably pretty cheap line - the reason I ask is because I heard decent things of some of the older Cortland fly lines. Any opinions?

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    I've never bought a "plus" but at one time the 333 lines were all that I ever used and I still have a bunch of them. All full sinks, sink tips, and intermediates.
    And I know that there's some guys that prefer the 333 lines over any others for their fiberglass rods.
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    I had bought 333+ with my first 5wt. It was a good line while it floated. I switched after a couple months to the Scientific Anglers Supra ($10 more). IMHO the supra performed a bit better and I love the loop to loop connection. I switch my leaders back and forth for different types of nymphing and dry fly fishing sometimes rather than having to carry around two rods. I later fell in love with Rio's Gold line, but everybody has a different opinion. Hope this helps.

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