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    Default Line for bamboo rod

    I just picked up my first bamboo rod. It's a 6'6" 3 wt. I'm wondering what kind of line to use. Should I be looking at DT?

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    Default Re: Line for bamboo rod

    I'll suggest Cortland Sylk 444. DT is more popular with the boo and glass crowd.
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    Default Re: Line for bamboo rod

    Either a DT or a Wulff Long belly.
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    Default Re: Line for bamboo rod

    I have found that either the Cortland Sylk DT or the SAGE Quiet Taper DT lines work very well on my Granger 8040 & Payne 100..

    I have also read that some of the bamboo fans have found the Rio Trout LT lines to be pretty suitable (in the DT format of course).

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