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Thread: sage Fly Line

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    I just picked up several Sage Performance Taper Fly Lines (2, WF-5-F and a WF-3-F) at Cabela's on sale for $26 each. I am pretty sure Rio makes their lines. Can anybody confirm that?

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    Default Re: sage Fly Line

    Rio makes Sage fly lines...

    They are both owned by the same company nowadays even... Far Bank Enterprises

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    Default Re: sage Fly Line

    Doesn't Sage own RIO lines?
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    Quote Originally Posted by troutnut4 View Post
    Doesn't Sage own RIO lines?
    Yes, see post just above yours. Parent Company was founded by Josh Green back in the 60's (give or take). A finer Gentleman as you could ever hope to meet.
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    All correct and Redington is in this same ownership group as well. All Sage rods are developed utilizing RIO fly lines. Prior to Farbank, Sage lines were made by SA under the Sage name but have been RIO for some years now. The connection is so well known that Sage no longer even markets lines under their name, hence the discounted sale prices. Perfectly good lines but not the same as RIO Gold.

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