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    Default Re: Welded Perfection Loop Breaking?

    I agree with Croaker...cut the loop off and form your on loop.
    I use two 8 to 10 turn nail knots w/ 12 lb or so mono. Then coat with Pliobond. Have never had one of these loops fail.

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    Default Re: Welded Perfection Loop Breaking?

    As the welded loop is roughly 85% the strength of the standing line, you can repair yours, or on a new line out of the box, improve its strength to full + by supplementing the thermal-chemical bond with a mechanical reinforcement. Simply tie a multi-turn (12 to 15) nail knot with mono or better yet fluoro .012 to .015 over the doubled section of line forming the loop. No need to cut it off and whip a new one when the line is smoothly doubled to begin with. (This is assuming you WANT a loop on the end of your line...I do on the rear end only.)

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    Default Re: Welded Perfection Loop Breaking?

    Here is the method I fave used since my start in this hobby (its similar to sweetand salts). I tie a nail not using 20# backing using 7-8 loops, trim the ends closely, then give a quick pass over with a lighter rolling the knot between my finger tips, (this sort of fuses the loose ends together).

    I have yet to have one come loose on me.

    It looks messy in the up close photos, but is barley indistinguishable in reel life. Although what I'm doing might not be the recommended best way (is also a quick and simple solution), This will be fourth year fly fishing loops using this method, and have been happy with my results.

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    Default Re: Welded Perfection Loop Breaking?

    Even though I haven't had it happen yet people I've Fished with have.
    I was going to Post A reply here which after a few interruptions I Posted in The Wrong Place,everything I was going to mention has been covered.
    Most of it is also Covered on You-Tube which is a good place to look.

    I always find it hard as I use heat Shrink Regularly & I find the best way is to either do a Trial Run or Keep Adding or Removing The Heat as I mainly use either a Heat Gun or a Cigarette Lighter.
    In The Video I watched They advised to do a Trial Run on an Old Piece of Line.

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