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    Default Re: Not sure if anybody has tried this??

    Quote Originally Posted by woz1844 View Post
    Don't really have a "spot" just been going off recommendations. Pelham bay, and the flatbrook. Been there so far and looking for more. Any suggestions would be great.
    What county do you live in?

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    You have a lot of options in the Sussex county area, your not too far from Ken Lockwood Gorge, the Delaware river and plenty of lakes up that way but first you have to decide what your fishing for because you won't be happy fishing for trout with a 7/8wt rod.
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    Default Re: Not sure if anybody has tried this??

    In fishing, "one size does not fit all." That's just the way it works. Fish size/fishing situation dictates what's 'appropriate.' Open to ongoing thought, but if I had (forced, may be a better term) to choose just two for your list of fish ... a 3wt and a 7wt.

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    Default Re: Not sure if anybody has tried this??

    What a horrible thing it would be if we were only allowed two I am by no means rich, but that next rod keeps finding is way into my living room. maybe a 3 and 7 for trout... But we cant be fishing for bass and such with our precious trout rod.. Welcome to your new obsession! A 5wt or even 6 is probably a fun place to start. IMO anyway

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    I know nothing about bass fishing (except that I've caught a few at the lake by my brother's house), but I think there might be a rod type to get you by--might have a problem with stream size in the East, but maybe not a big problem.

    I have a pretty fast action 6 wt, that according to the true weight ERN (or whatever its called) rating fishes more like a 7. I fish it for trout on bigger rivers in the west, but have also done so successfully on smaller streams. I imagine that weight would also work for most bass. In saltwater, I wouldn't use it on big stripers, but could for other smaller saltwater fish like flounder and most bonefish (though not ideal on a really windy day, or for the big ones around Islamorada). Obviously too light for tarpon, permit, etc.

    If you want just one rod, get a stiff 6 wt. Some, like Sage, will be more like a true 8--less good for trout, but better for salt (and, bass?). (This is only in their stiff, fast action, lines...a more medium action like a ZXL tends to be more accurately labeled.)

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    Default Re: Not sure if anybody has tried this??

    Having fished in your vicinity much of my life I can say that I have successfully used an 8 wt with a floating line and different leaders for quite a variety of situations from trout to Bass to Bluegills and Carp as well as Shad , Stripers , bluefish and flounder and it handled all these fish and the varied waters they live in.
    Is this the way I fish on a regular basis? No. I use everything from a 4 wt up to a 12 wt . And I use different reels and lines as well. But a 7/8 will handle many situations in your area and it can be a productive setup. It's really up to you and what your looking to get out of your fishing time!
    A 12inch trout or an 8 inch Bluegill are much more fun on a 5wt as opposed to a heavier rod . Like I said all depends on what you want from the experience!
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