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fly_guy12955 05-02-2013 04:20 PM

6wt bass taper ?
I'm needed to fill a six wt slot,,for bass fishing,,and was wondering what real advantages a bass taper gives one over a standard wf-f line ?


Jackster 05-03-2013 12:58 AM

Re: 6wt bass taper ?
The more powerful front end of a bass line helps turn over big, bulky. Flies.
I'll use a bass line for bass fishing for that reason... I'm usually chucking chunky flies many of which I want to splat on the water to get the fishes attention. Bass lines just make a day or two throwing big bugs easier on you.
I haven't tried the Rio Outbound Short but have used the standard Outbound quite a bit. If the Short has a real skinny running line like the original Outbound I foresee tangles and snarls in your future.

pete a 05-03-2013 08:06 AM

Re: 6wt bass taper ?
I use a 6wt Bass Bug taper on a 9' 5wt TFO Signature and love it. I can toss a bit bigger hoppers and small/mid size poppers. You won't wow your buddies with 90' casts but really push bugs with accuracy into thos tight bass pockets.

IMHO many/most of the new generation graphite rods do very well with a careful application of "over lining", though I think the term 'over line' is a misnomer as there is no danger in doing this.

Though same rods oftne do better with rated sink or sink-tip lines.

Axiom, TiCrX love a bit heavier line. I use a 7wt SW taper exclusively on my 6wt Axiom.

Pete A.

(5wt TFO Signature with 6wy Bass Bug

(6wt Axiom with 7wt SW Taper)

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