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fly505 05-08-2013 03:24 PM

Need suggestions for streamer line
Hi there...just wanted to see what people were using for streamer lines tossing big bugs distances for trout and other freshwater species. I just picked up a 9wt primarily for Musky/Pike bank fishing at lakes...but also want the line to fish large streamers for big trout in rivers. I want a line that can't get the distance I want and be able to get my streamers down and stay down. The few lines I'm considering are the Rio Outbound Short, Rio DC 15ft Sink tip (type 3), or Rio Pike/Musky line. Don't have a particular affinity to Rio, just that I've always liked their lines in the past. Any suggestions or experience with these lines would be helpful. Thanks :)

Ard 05-08-2013 04:31 PM

Re: Need suggestions for streamer line
If you read this..... and then think about it, it may help you to get the results you want.

I have offered this advice / method to many people through many replies and PM's. Every person who has been imaginative enough to give it a fair test has e-mailed me with positive results reported.
This thread; contains the formula for my sinking leader system. [scroll to the bottom of thread to find text details] It is cheap, it can be accomplished using the heads I purchase or by incorporating T11 or T 14 into the design. I use the Beartooth Braided heads because they work and are durable. I am still using braided heads I bought in 1994.

You adjust depth by lengthening or shortening the butt section of the leader. You adjust sink rate with the length of the braided head section. This is not hard to do and it is not hard to cast. The best fly line to use is a weight forward or DT floating type. I keep my line dressed regularly so that it floats high while only my leader sinks.

The difference between having to strip in almost a whole line in order to get the sink tip up and out of the water and using this system is Night & Day. You can use a roll cast to bring the leader and fly to the surface and then pick it up easily from there. There is no 15' of submerged line with leader and fly to get back up in the air for the next cast.

I have been doing this since 1994 - 95, and never use sink tip lines. You use your floating line for fishing as deep as 10' of water depending on leader length.

I only try to help others with what I found out, I don't sell them. What I can tell you is that I haven't been doing this all these years because I think that someday I might catch a fish this way, it's been working ever since I made my first rig.

Hope it helps,


fly505 05-08-2013 06:25 PM

Re: Need suggestions for streamer line
Wow!...that's amazing. I'm gonna have to consider for sure as from what I've read pulling sinking tips out of the water to shoot is a major pain. Thanks for the advise!

Ard 05-08-2013 10:00 PM

Re: Need suggestions for streamer line
I use the system and Thousands of salmon, trout, char, and grayling have confirmed through the years that it works like a charm. There is no embellishment in that number, I have fished this way almost exclusively using feather wing streamers for trout since 1994 - 95, and here for all species since 2004. By giving the design some thought you will figure out what length of butt section and which length of braided head will get the fly down in various conditions. When I fish the leader using my 7'9" 5 weight I use a single hand Spey style 'snap T cast' to reposition the fly. You will learn how to handle them with whatever rod you are using. Keeping the floating line dressed is also important. I still use old fashioned Mucilin for that. I dress before I start and usually once or twice during a full day. I keep a paper towel in the boat bag to dry and clean the line with before applying the grease..............

Drop me a PM or post to your thread if you like the result, or not. If you call the folks at Beartooth to get some heads, tell them Ard from AK. sent you :) Their names are Dan & Nancy, and they will get them to you within a couple days. A head will last for years, just use a heavy butt with a perfection loop and your good to go. I've never lost a head.


fly505 05-09-2013 01:20 PM

Re: Need suggestions for streamer line
Great info Ard...thank you again. I read your link on your first post, doesn't seem terribly difficult to make. Gonna have to give this a go on my 5wt since I already have everything set up. Would this particular method work with heavy streamers? I tie some of my big streamers with weight and coneheads. Thanks again, it's people like you who keep newbs like me coming back to check what's goin on in these forums time after time :)

Ard 05-09-2013 01:57 PM

Re: Need suggestions for streamer line
With a 24 - 36" piece of braided mono lead head in the mid section of the leader there should be no need for weighted flies. That was the idea behind this; to get away from the weird casting characteristics of a heavy fly and the constant snagging of the bottom. The best part is that you no longer stand the risk of a weighted fly smacking into your rod tip sections and either chipping or breaking them. If you want to rig one up you might as well contact the folks at Beartooth and get a couple 24 & 36" heads. If you tell them Ard from AK. sent you they will know just what you are after.

MoscaPescador 05-09-2013 02:24 PM

Re: Need suggestions for streamer line
If you really are looking for distance and depth control, it is hard to beat the shooting head. True shooting head setups are two piece line setups. It is comprised of a running line and a head. The two pieces are connected with loops. The running line can be a floating density or an intermediate sink density. The head can range from floating to an obscenely fast sink rate.

Do a Google search on "shooting heads fly fishing" for more details. You will learn of everything positive and negative about shooting heads.

This is what I really wanted to get to. What do your local fly shops, tackle dealers, or outfitters have to say about the topic? It's hard to beat the local knowledge. My California tactics may not work where you are at.


kwb 05-09-2013 04:51 PM

Re: Need suggestions for streamer line
Mastery Series Streamer Express Long - Mastery Series - Lines

Anyone who really rips a lot of streamers swears by this line...

1) It has a longer head so if fishing at long distances is your game, this is the line you want, you don't have to strip/shoot so much running line and it still turns over big flies like a dream...

2) The longer head makes it roll cast well unlike basically every other "streamer" line on the market. Lets say you make a cast and are 40' out, you stick your fly in a log, you can actually roll cast and unstick your fly and go back to fishing, something shooting heads will not do...

3) This year it has a re-designed running line that is very supple and user-friendly unlike in years past...

4) The line flat out rocks, which what else would you expect from a line designed by one of the best streamer fisherman to ever live, Kelly Galloup...

The only disadvantage in this line would be for a wading angler as the running line sinks and can make casting/managing your line a wee bit difficult...

fly505 05-09-2013 06:15 PM

Re: Need suggestions for streamer line
Awesome replies thank you all! Ya I was looking at an integrated shooting head like an Outbound Short or Airflo's 40 +. But Ard got me thinkin about the benefits of fishing unweighted flies with his braided so much to think about! I'll take a look at the SA line...a sinking runnin line will definitely be detrimental since all I do is wade fish.

delopez 05-09-2013 09:20 PM

Re: Need suggestions for streamer line
I use a rio pike line and a rio outbound in full float and intermediate. Honestly, if you roll the sinking head to the top, you won't have an issue making one back cast, a single haul, and shooting ask of the line that you need. I love all of those lines and I throw large flies all of the time... hope this helps. I just posted a video in the spey casting section of me spey casting the pike line. They're a great line to yard spey cast, as well. :)

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