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    Default Re: RIO or Scientific Anglers

    I am a Sage fan, so therefore, by default, a Rio fan. But, I let my rod tell me what line to buy. I have a great relationship with my local shop and they will rig me up with several lines to test cast before buying one.

    As for Rio's customer service - I bought a Rio Selective Trout 4wt for my ZXL a couple years ago and my leader cut the welded loop on the line. I sent Rio a small email and complained about what happened and before the end of the week they sent me a new line.

    Fishing for me, as funny as it sounds, is sorta my brand of praying almost. Im never closer to my spirituality than when Im in the act of fishing. - JT Van Zandt

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    Smile Re: RIO or Scientific Anglers

    RIO,all my nine reels have rio lines except for one which has a cortland line.

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    Default Re: RIO or Scientific Anglers

    I tend to pick lines based on their taper designs and their compatibility to the specific fly rod model & the size / type of fly patterns I will be throwing. After evaluating many lines over the years here are a few of the combinations that I have found to work well for my stroke. They will provide you an idea of the type of line to pick for the type of rod action-

    1) Orvis Far & Fine 7'9" 5wt - SA Mastery Trout WF5
    2) Sage Z Axis 5wt - Rio Gold (2011 taper design)
    3) Sage ZXL 4wt - SA Mastery Trout WF4 OR Air Flo Tactical Ridge WF4F
    4) Sage ZXL 6wt - SA Mastery Trout WF6
    5) Orvis Superfine Trout 4wt - SA Mastery Trout WF4 OR Sage Quiet Taper DT4F
    6) Payne 100 Bamboo - Sage Quiet Taper DT4F
    7) Granger 8040 - Sage Quiet Taper DT5F OR Cortland Sylk DT5F
    8) Wulff TT WF5F and WF4F - I just got these and the initial impressions are very favorable. Will report more after a few fishing trips.

    I tried several versions of the Orvis Wonderline lines and found them to be good.

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    Default Re: RIO or Scientific Anglers

    I prefer not to paint myself in a corner in regards to gear manufactrers. They all seem to leap-frog each other with innovation or value or any number of things.
    Some companies do better at some things than others but the others seem to eventually catch up only to have another 'next best thing' facing them in the marketplace.
    I like the innovation that SA has brought us over the years which inclused not only great tapers but line coatings that changed fly fishing for the better by a long shot and textured surfaces that moved performance up a few good notches.
    I like Rio for their leaders and tippet choices but also some of their lines which perform nicely in all ways.
    Right now I give the edge to SA because of their innovation and breadth of choices in lines. This too could change as products change.

    All that stated, I also have Airflo, Orvis, Cortland, Bario and others on my reels but asking me to pick just one brand out of the many good lines being made today is asking a lot... a lot that is unless one of the majors pay me or give me a good allowance for using and promoting their brand!

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    Default Re: RIO or Scientific Anglers

    Quote Originally Posted by MoscaPescador View Post
    I dislike that Rio made the Gold taper a half size overweighted and the Grand taper a whole size overweighted. They were fine as they were. I have always been a fan of SA's Trout and GPX tapers, so it looks like I will continue to fish them.

    Is this new? First time I heard this. Is this part of their reissue/repackaging? I'll have to pick up more of their discontinued lines.


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    Default Re: RIO or Scientific Anglers

    Quote Originally Posted by chi flyfisher View Post
    Is this new? First time I heard this. Is this part of their reissue/repackaging? I'll have to pick up more of their discontinued lines.

    The change happened last fall. I verified it with my friends at the local shop and the spec charts that Rio provides.

    I was able to borrow a friend's reel with the new Grand taper and cast the line with my 5 weight Z-Axis. It loaded the rod a bit more than I would prefer for the payloads that I throw. My Sharkskin GPX line is probably in its last season of use, so I will probably replace it with another Sharkskin GPX or a Mastery Textured GPX.

    I have not cast the new Gold taper on my 4 weight ZXL. I should reserve judgement, but I sure love how that rod casts with the old Gold Taper and the SA Mastery Trout taper.


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    Default Re: RIO or Scientific Anglers

    I have several lines, and don't really have a preference towards any of them. When setting up a new rod, I'll try what I have in my inventory and usually find a setup I like.

    Most of my favorite setups do either have a Rio, Scientific Angler, or a Cabelas, branded line.

    Most of my lines have been purchased used, or at various discount prices. I think each rod of mine performs best with a different line, so I really can't give a honest preference to one brand over another. Sometimes I even fish my unknown level lines when trying to toss larger bass type offering that do not require any sort of finesse. When you find a match that works it feels so good you just know its right.

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    Default Re: RIO or Scientific Anglers

    Quote Originally Posted by trout champ View Post
    I let my rod tell me what line to buy.
    Couldn't agree more. I have a range of lines for my 4, 5 and 6 wt rods including Rio, SA and 444 and try all of them on any new rod. That being said, I seem to be using Rio Gold on almost all of them.

    I would like to hear more about them adding a half line weight to their lines. My local fly shop said they just changed the box art, but it sounds like it went beyond that.

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