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    Default Re: New Rio Fly Line: Perception

    That new rio perception appears to have one of those power tapers, like a rio grand, or orvis power taper, being that it has multiple front and rear tapers. Doesn't look like anything special to me other than the color change and low-strech core like airflo. However, as of now, airflo is the only company that makes lines out of polyurathane, I can tell you I have airflo lines that are 6-7 years old without a single crack in the material, none of my sci-angler, rio or orvis lines have lasted nearly as long and in such good condition. I say, do yourself a flavor and go airflo. Also, airflo pioneered the mainstream low strech core, rio only just started doing that, the process of processing core material and preparing it is a delicate science, airflo has been doing it for years and rio just started so my guess is, airflo's core will be done better than rio's. My humble opinion and 2 cents.

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    Default Re: New Rio Fly Line: Perception

    I too like Airflo lines and their tapers have come a long way in the last few years due largely to Tim Rajeff and Renee Harrop. But do not underestimate RIO. Besides the resources they have behind them they have, running the business since acquiring it from the Vincents, John Harder. Almost nobody knows more about tackle, especially reels and lines, than he does. He has the background, history and experience to do anything another maker has done better.

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    Default Re: New Rio Fly Line: Perception

    Quote Originally Posted by Sweet&Salt
    Have you sampled an Airflo Tropic Ridge in Florida?
    I bought two spools of tropical running line three or four years ago was all, since that's what I wear out. I spliced some onto an SA head but it wasn't really tropical enough for me and was too limp. I like the hard monocores down here.

    I also didn't like the noise of the splice going through the guides - even though functionally it doesn't matter much at all.

    But just a short ways up the coast, Ft. Lauderdale and north, it is one of the most popular lines for beach fishing among friends who fish nearly daily. Cheers, Jim

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