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carnivorousnw 07-09-2013 06:19 PM

Line for bass fishing low current inlet canals...
Starting up fly fishing via float tube along warm inlet canals for panfish and smallmouth bass (some lmbs). Areas have heavy structure and a width of approx 50 ft. wide tapering out to the mouth of a lake and depth of 4-15ft. winds are often light. Setup is a St. Croix Reign 9' 5wt. I've been practicing with another 4wt. and doing well. Any line-leader recommendation? sinking? forward weight only? I've thought of even using 1/64th oz. jigs. :wiggle:

Here are some areal pics of the spots.

bigjim5589 07-09-2013 08:25 PM

Re: Line for bass fishing low current inlet canals...
Looks a bit like some of the tidal rivers & creeks I fish. Similar depth too. I'll usually use a floating line. Sinking is not really needed, but since it's tidal (with the currents) & there are deeper places that I'll fish for Striped bass, I also have sinking lines for my 6 wt & heavier rods. All my lines are WF, even for my lighter 3 & 4 wt rods, but a DT line can be useful if you also trout fish, particularly with dry flies. I rarely do.

I make my own leaders. Most are no longer than 8 ft, and I use no less than 10 lb test and more often 15, if I'm bass fishing with my 6 wt. Panfishing I'll go lighter, but then I'll go lighter with the rod too.

IMO, there's no magic formula, and especially not that will fit all fishing situations. I like to use some heavily weighted flies, so the leader & tippet needs to be stouter than with lighter flies.

I also like big flies, (4"-8") and even bass fish with a 8, 9 or 10 wt, depending on where & how I want to fish. Makes pulling even a 2 lb bass out of heavy cover or snags much easier than with the 6 wt.

I treat bass fishing with flies the same as with conventional tackle. One size doesn't fit all! :shades:

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