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  1. Default Limber fly lines????

    When I watch everyone else fish(in person or pics) it seems that there line is always so limber, I have used Orvis lines since I started, what am I doing wrong?


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    Default Re: Limber fly lines????

    I have a feeling, the problem is not with the line. Most likely you have a casting issue.

    It is very difficult to know what is going on with your casting over the interwebs.

    You can try posting a video of yourself casting, but usually the video quality is so poor, that it is hard to gauge what is going on.

    If I am to guess, there is something wrong with your casting mechanics. If you can find a casting instructor or someone with good casting knowledge, have him/her assess your casting stroke.


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    you are probably right

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    Default Re: Limber fly lines????

    There are lines that are very supple and others that are so stiff that they have the memory of a corkscrew.
    I go for the supple (and cheap ) ones myself
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    Default Re: Limber fly lines????

    While casting is probably the issue, is it possible you are fishing a tropical line in a cold environment?
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    its regular line, and it was 97 here today, its probably my technique

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