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Thread: Could someone explain this to me

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    I am not certain, please jump in if you know, but a believe WTT's are a half size heavy like GPX. It is true that with a long leader and little line out the tip top they have so little mass they just won't load a rod but with enough line out they act as a supper long front taper for delicacy. Many anglers I know who are into them use them as heads; extending the complete "triangle" out the tip top, hauling and shooting. The transition from their thickest diameter at the rear of the taper down to thin running line is quite abrupt so they will hinge badly for larger water reach cast and mending. A specialty line, they are not for everyone but are a worthwhile addition to other taper options. There are intermediate taper choices like Airflo's delta and Rangefinder with its like 15' front taper or SA's Textured Trout with a 12' front taper that do similar things but back it up with more head behind the extended front taper.

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    Thanks for the replies , gents. I kinda understand the principle now.

    I find my meal by finding my meal's meal.

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