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skrap 09-19-2013 08:21 PM

Leader and Tippett help
Sorry for all my questions on this whole fly fishing hobby but I need some more help.

As I accumulate gear and accessories I have more and more questions, this time on leaders and tippets.

Getting 3wt line for my Trout II #1 and probably 6wt for my Kraken 2. Both will be setup with butt ends between the lines and leaders. I need to make an initial purchase of loop-end tapered leaders and tippets. What is your advice?

Here is what I "thnk" I need/should get. That will cover both the 3 & 6wt lines.

Orvis Super Strong Leaders
1 or 2 each in 7.5' and 9'

Orvis Super Strong Nylon Tippett:
One of each

The looped-leader will be used for small trout to bass and blue gill.

Is this a good variety to cover my needs for both setups and the fishing I will encounter? Or, what do you suggest?

mcnerney 09-19-2013 09:14 PM

Re: Leader and Tippett help
You have a good plan, but if you want to save a little money, I would limit the initial purchase of leaders to 3x and 4x and tippet to 4x and 5x. Of course this all depends on the size of bass you are targeting and the size of flies you will be throwing. Just my thoughts, start small and grow as you see a specific need.


itchmesir 09-19-2013 10:12 PM

Re: Leader and Tippett help
Save yourself a ton of money and buy Berkeley Vanish or Trilene XT in 2-4-6-8lb. $2.50 for 110yrds is a lot cheaper than $3+ for 30yrds of tippet.

random user 09-19-2013 10:19 PM

Re: Leader and Tippett help
That's a wider variety than I carry. I am a minimalist though.

For my #3 and #5, I use the same leaders for the most part. 9 footers in 2X, 4X and 6X.

4X and 6X on the #3 and all three on the #5. Generally I only use the 6x of tiny stuff and a few rare other occasions.

On my #7, I use the butts of my old trout leaders and 10LB test tippet. These are for still water LMB & Co. When after River run smallies and nocturnal browns, I go with the 9' 2X mostly.

For me, I have all the bases covered well enough and don't have to carry as many tippet spools.

sweetandsalt 09-20-2013 10:27 AM

Re: Leader and Tippett help
Taking your 6-weight as an example: Nail knot a hank of .023 butt material to the tip of the line and throw a small perfection loop into its end. Buy one 3X knotless, extruded leader (RIO makes a decent one) and spools of tippet in whatever diameters you anticipate fishing (3, 4, 5X Orvis Super strong is fine here or RIO Powerflex, SA Mastery...) and blood knot material on as needed. No need to acquire all those leaders. As you familiarize yourself with the relevant knots (especially the blood knot) you can do away with buying knotless leaders and start building your own from spools of leader material and, besides saving money, you will make leaders that turn over more positively than extruded, softer ones. Continually rebuilding a leader can make it last during numerous outings.

kelkay 09-21-2013 09:22 AM

Re: Leader and Tippett help
You need to try furled leaders. Joni makes the best, and she is on this board. You can get a 4-6wt leader, a 5-6 wt, 7-8wt, or 6-8wt. I always keep a spare in my vest too, for each size range. I agree about the tippet. Remember, if you are out in the heat, those leaders wrapped up (mono leader and tippet), that are in your jacket, will get weak over time. My vest is full of different sized tippets. After you have used up a spool, buy mono and wrap it on the empty spool. It is much cheaper that way.

pszy22 09-21-2013 02:11 PM

Re: Leader and Tippett help
I suggest you buy one leader for each one of your lines (if it would make you feel better, buy one spare). Buy a leader that terminates a couple of sizes larger than the tippet you want to fish. I tie a perfection loop at the end of my leader. I can then attach a length of tippet to the loop, or tie my tippet material to a length mono/flouro/tippet a size or two up, then tie that assembly to the loop. I usually don't carry more than two sizes of tippet material.

Your leader should last a long time, with two or three tippet spools you can attach various combinations of tippet material to end up with whatever length and tippet size you feel like fishing.

I personally fish a short line and a long leader tippet. I usually fish about a 7.5' leader and then attach a tapered tippet (as described above) of about 6 - 7'. I do fish almost exclusively dry flies, so if you are fishing nymphs or streamers, your leaders will probably be different.

The only other advice I'll give you, don't sweat the small stuff, if you are in the ballpark, it will work out for you.

have fun,

cab 09-21-2013 02:40 PM

Re: Leader and Tippett help
If you have the money and want to stock up on tippet, fine. That selection should cover almost anything you fish for on #3 & #6 rods.

That list looks like a lot of leaders, however. You don't have to match leader to tippet; in fact, I tie on tippet a size or two smaller. The leader should last a trip or two (more as you gain experience), so one per rod and a spare for the vest should do.

Spend money on experience instead of gear in the beginning. When you learn what you really like, you can buy stuff that'll last. I still fish with my 11 year old Diamondback rod- can't find anything better!

Hope this helps,

p.s. I hope I didn't sound patronising there.

mojo 09-21-2013 06:25 PM

Re: Leader and Tippett help
Like KelKay said, furled leader. For me tippet size depends on what the target specie is, and where you are fishing. Trout in small streams, large rivers, lakes gin clear water, off colored water etc. Leader shy or 1/4" wire rope won't scare them.

CutThroat Leaders 09-22-2013 08:16 PM

Re: Leader and Tippett help
Furled Leaders were mentioned a few times in the above threads. I of course use and would suggest furled leaders, but more importantly, I like to keep things simple. My business allows me talk too many fly fishers (some newbies and some very seasoned) one topic that comes up often is how many different options are available to the fly fisherman consumer. From reel /rods/lines/leaders and tippet, not to mention flies. Keeping things simple at the beginning gives a new fly fisher the ability to work on the basics of casting, presentation, drift, etc. You know the important things. I hear from so many guys/gals that getting into fly fishing is overwhelming because of so many choices in products. I am a big fan of keeping things simple. Simple equals more fun on the water, more time to learn the important things. You can read many books, Watch videos, etc, but nothing will teach you how to be a better fly fisher than actually getting out there and wetting a line. If you do have a chance to fish with a more season fly fisher that will pay huge dividends. For me a furled leader and a couple spools of tippet will cover a large array of fishing conditions / scenarios. Good luck out there and more importantly, have fun.

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