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Thread: line for Sage ZXL 5wt.

  1. Default line for Sage ZXL 5wt.


    I'm new to the forums. I recently purchased a Sage ZXL 5 wt. I'll primarily be throwing dry flies and some wet flies at trout. I'll also be attempting to catch some landlocked salmon as well. This is the first time I'll be building up a pole from scratch and all the options are alot to take in. I managed to get a good deal on a Hardy Superlite 4000 DD to put the line on. Any input would be appreciated as well as what backing and leaders. Furled leader???


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    Default Re: line for Sage ZXL 5wt.

    Welcome to the forum Mungan. I would recommend furled leaders from one or both of our members : Cutthroat Leaders or Joni.."The Utah Fly Goddess". I picked up leaders from both and are a great alternative to the commercial leaders sold today. All you have to do is tie on a short section of tippet to match your fly. They lay out beautifully. You won't be disappointed.
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    Default Re: line for Sage ZXL 5wt.

    Welcome to the forum. I've never used a furled leader but have a shipment on the way from Cutthroat Leaders that I will be using next weekend. I've heard a lot of great things about them. There are a lot of Sage guys on here that can give great line recommendations for your rod.

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    Default line for Sage ZXL 5wt.

    As for current lines, a Scientific Anglers Mastery Trout in the weight forward taper is a wonderful match for the ZXL. One of my friends swears by the Wulff Triangle Taper, but I have not used that combination.

    As for backing, 20 pound test Dacron is fine.

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    Default Re: line for Sage ZXL 5wt.

    I had an 8 foot 4wt ZXL and really liked the Rio LT lines. Nice soft presentation with enough backbone to boom out a pretty good cast. 20# dacron backing will suit you just fine.

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    Default Re: line for Sage ZXL 5wt.

    I have the 3wt ZXL and I primarily fish dry flies with it. I have the Scientific Anglers mastery textured trout stalker in wf3f and it is a fantastic pairing for the rod. I run the SA textured trout stalker on 4 different setups I have.

    The RIO lt that trout champ mentioned is great too, I have that on a 1wt rod.
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    Default Re: line for Sage ZXL 5wt.

    I've been fishing the 905 ZXL for several years now and gone through at least 3 lines. I started out with the Rio Trout LT which worked well in close but struggled on windy days and casts beyond 40 ft. Not complaining as that's not what the line was designed for. Switched out out to the Rio Gold and got a much better all around performance from the rod. My understanding is that Rio changed the Gold from a "true weight" line to a 1.25 times stated weight line and it does perform differently.

    I would have stuck with the Gold had I not left my reel home one day and ended up borrowing my buddies line with SA Mastery Trout. It took about 3 casts for me to figure out the Mastery Trout was the best fit for me for that particular date. When its time for a new line I am itching to try the new Airflo Super Dry Elite. I'm switching to airflo lines as they typically have longer heads on equivalent tapers then the other top manufacturers. Anymore even the "standard trout" lines that were the staple of all the manufacturers are using the short heavy heads are designed to load fast action rods easier...something that is not useful and not needed on a med-fast rod like the ZXL.

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    Default Re: line for Sage ZXL 5wt.

    I fish a few different lines on my ZXLs and have tried a few others. For all purpose I find the Rio Gold to be the best line for me on the rods. For dry fly fishing, I prefer the SA Mastery Textured Trout Stalker line. Unlike some others that have posted, I didn't like SA's Mastery Trout. Go figure. I might have to give that line another try. I tried using it only once, there was quite a breeze in the canyon, and I was tossing some bushy dries on my 490.

    Another line to consider is Airflo Tactical Trout. It cast well and fished well for me, I just don't like it as much as the two others I mentioned.


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