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    Wulff Triangle Taper, "TT". There is a forum thread below on this polarizing line, give it a search.

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    Am not familiar with TT that WF, DT, or?
    The Triangle Taper lines have been around for many years now, probably close to 20. Although less popular than Cortland or SA lines, they have a strong following, particularly among anglers who like slower, progressive action rods like Winston WT's, Scott G series or older Orvis Superfines. I know glass rod and bamboo users like them too.

    They are marketed as smooth casting lines that can lay a dry fly down gently and also roll-cast particularly well. That's because they have a longer, continuous forward taper in the head of the line that allows delicate, precise casts. This is not a line you'd like on a fast Sage or similar rod, but it has its place. The problem I've had with them is that they are not high-floating and the tip tends to sink, so they need to be dressed with a Gink-type floatant periodically.

    Not sure what was meant by calling the Wulff lines "polarizing." I have used them for years on my Winstons and still prefer them over any others.

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    Quote Originally Posted by labtrout View Post
    Interesting. Both of mine are downlockers with maple spacers. Perhaps yours was made up custom with a blank rolled earlier. But, from what I was told by Winston, yours is likely a Loomis blank.

    At one point -- around 1998, I think -- I purchased a 9' 6-weight LT three-piece rod which also was an uplocker with exposed hood. I replaced it with a BIIX 6-weight when that line was introduced in 2004. I still fish the BIIX regularly, but wish I had kept the LT, which was fairly short-lived in a three-piece.
    Hard to figure about the serial numbers and the dates. I still have all my original paperwork so I know the date I posted was correct.

    You're not the first person to have sold an older rod only to wish he or she still had it. I recently bought a 4 wt B 2t on closeout which I expect will become my go-to dry fly rod. This was the role previous filled by my IM6. But I'm keeping my IM6. It was my first Winston rod. I saved for quite awhile to buy it, and I have so many great memories with it. The action of the rod is just classic.
    "Sometimes the least important thing about fishing is fishing." --Roderick Haig-Brown

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    This IM6 TMF isn't going anywhere, it will remain with me and be passed down.

    All my rods have this kind of action...and I search for more!

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    The gpx would be a bad taper IMO for that rod, the head is too clunky. If I were you I would go with the orvis superfine hydros line wf4. This line is lighter than AFTTa standard so it's more like a 3 1/2 weight line, not to mention the taper is specifically designed for full flexing dry fly rods. I have it on my 8' 4 weight superfine rod and its a match made in heaven. The superfine line is a willow color (off white) nice and subtle. You would not regret getting it. Take a look at it.

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    The Wulff TT is "polarizing" in that it engenders admiration or disdain among those who have used it, little middle ground. Its continuous taper in its forward 30' lays out slow and gentle, yet by the same continuous taper token, loads poorly at short distances as there is little mass out the rods tip top. The energy diminution defined by the continuous taper has a negative effect on in-close, tight looped presentations because of this energy loss. Similarly, and many love this lines shooting head like quality when the full Triangle is aerialized, the rear of the head is the thickest part of the line which drops fairly abruptly to the thin running line which hinges and is ill suited to longer distance mending. I have several friends who are sophisticated anglers who swear by this line in both sweet and salt water, I am not among them.

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