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jbird 11-02-2013 06:16 PM

Dynamite rod/line combo!
I have cast quite a long list of rods and lines over the years and every blue moon I get a taste of a VERY good rod/line marriage. Yesterday my guide brought a combo that really got me excited. We were fishing musky and the combo was the TFO Mangrove 10wt. lined with the Airflo Sniper type III. I was constantly over shooting my target with this rig. I went straight home and ordered the line. We'll see how it likes my 10wt. Otherwise I'll be buying the Mangrove :)

fredaevans 11-02-2013 06:28 PM

Re: Dynamite rod/line combo!
This comes as no surprise. Jay is one of those casters that has to 'back off' to keep his fly out of the trees on the other side of the river. :bowdown:


tsubeta04 11-02-2013 06:55 PM

Re: Dynamite rod/line combo!
Those mangroves arr sick. I got the 6 and 8 wt and just ordered the 4wt.

I was stoked when they announced they would make the mangroves under 6wts.

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