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    Default Re: Is there a formula for proper leader and tippet length?

    Thanks for all of the information, guys! As normal, I received a ton of detailed and useful information. I am so glad I found this place!

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    Default Re: Is there a formula for proper leader and tippet length?

    I have found that attaching 18-24 inch tipper to a 6 ft furled leader scares the fish. My preference is to use a shorter (3 ft) furled leader and a longer (6 ft) section of tapering fluoro sections.

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    Default Re: Is there a formula for proper leader and tippet length?

    I make my own hand tied tapered leader and found even following recipies as I played with them I made tweaks that may or may not be worth while. I alter each taper slightly to see if I can improve on it though I'm finally settling in on a setup that works for me.

    Buy a couple of leader kits from Maxima 1- Chameleon and 1- Ultragreen. The Chameleon is stiffer with the Ultragreen being more pliable. The Chameleon makes for great butt sections and I use the Ultragreen for the tip section with a perfection loop so I can attach my tippet for easy tippet changes.

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    Default Re: Is there a formula for proper leader and tippet length?

    Quote Originally Posted by labtrout View Post
    When I was learning to fly fish back in the early 1970s, the maxim was to use a leader roughly equal to the length of the rod as a starting point. So 7'6" rod = 7 1/2" leader; 9' rod = 9' leader etc. I have found that still generally works for me.

    I will add 2-3 feet of tippet if the situation calls for it. For example, a slow run of very clear water with trout rising to small flies would indicate adding 3 feet of 6x or 7x tippet to a 9' 5x leader. But when casting a #14 Elk-hair caddis or a brace of nymphs through riffles or pocket water, I would stick with a 9' 4x leader on my 8"'6" rod. With a short rod on a small stream in tight quarters, I might use just a 7' 5x leader.

    I also tie my own knotted leaders because I find they turn over more readily and smoothly. There are lots of formulas out there.

    Hope that helps. I have tried braided leaders but prefer mono for most situations.
    I've never used that formula of matching the length of the leader to the length of the rod, but if it works well for you thats ALL that matters. Interestingly enough though, I use the longest of my leaders on my 8' 4 weight when fishing tiny dries on spring creeks and mountain streams I go with about a 15ft 6X leader and it works like magic. I think fuller flexing rods such as my 8' superfine touch turn over long leaders wonderfully.

    This is not all to say that your method of matching the leader length to the rod length is incorrect, just that it sounds like there are all sorts of methods out there, and the one that works best for you IS the best.

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    Default Re: Is there a formula for proper leader and tippet length?

    Over The years I don't know how many different Recipes for Leaders I've used as my father used to Tie his own as well as other setups I've used however The simplest & easiest one is The 1/3, 2/3 one I mainly now use on a 2ft Shock Leader I make.

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    Default Re: Is there a formula for proper leader and tippet length?

    My leader is based on one fly that I use the most...a sz. 14 HW Rio grande King. The leader is a hand tied 60-20-20 formula that goes about 10 foot and tapers to a 4x tippet about 24 to 30 in. long. When I tell this leader to turn left, it goes left, and when I tell it to turn right, it goes right and it will do anything in between.

    Smaller flies I cut back the 4x and go down to whatever x to match up to the flies. Bigger flies and I cut back to 2x and lengthen the 2x to about 24-30 inches. This leader and I have fished together for a long time and have a "relationship".

    These leaders can last me years in one form or another and the only reason I mess with one is to keep up my knot tying skills. It is a proper leader and tippet for me, where I fish, and how I fish, and may not be for anyone else. Some home work is required by the caster to figure these things out and if I had to change my setup to someone else rig at each new suggestion ....well I just couldn't fish.

    My advise is to find your favorite fly and make it cast the way you want it to and stick with that leader until death due you part.

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