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    Default Vision Fly lines

    Vision is a fly flishing company based out of Finland, and as it turns out they make some pretty incredible fly lines. Vision was the pioneer of the scandi taper for shooting head lines for double hand rods, theyre vision ace scandi head is apparently what other american companies such as Rio or Airflo, have based thier scandi heads off of. I have a vision ace scandi head for my 5126 spey rod and I like it more than my airfo scandi-compact. This being said, its pretty clear that these Fins know how to make a long front tapered fly line. Now, with thier single hand lines, they have applied the same type of tapers, long front tapers with medium bellies and short rear tapers, very interesting to me.

    My question is; does anyone here have experience with single hand vision lines? More specifically, have any of you used either the vision target line? or the vision presentation 2 line?

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    I have heard of them but never even seen one. A couple of our British visitors to this site fish some of their lines and other tackle so I have looked a their web site. Short rear tapers on any fly line type are a turn off to me though. Its all about energy transfer and loop stability.

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