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    Default Re: Does line price dictate quality?

    I think in the hands of an average caster any fly line with a taper related to the conditions they are fishing and the flies they are using can make it work just fine. However, at a certain point that better made line such as airflo will give you some performance advantages IMO. And may also be more enjoyable to cast. In my mind if the line has lots of memory that hinders my ability to fish efficiently and enjoy the rod/line, I won't want it. The most important things to me are how well made the fly line material is, and the taper of the line in relation to wether I'm nymphing/streamer fishing (short front taper, long rear taper).

    Or dry fly (long front taper, short rear) or standard WF. So people are obviously going to have different opinions on this matter, and the right answer regarding price/quality all depends on what works best for you. Me personally, I have had bad experiences with cheap fly lines, so now I stick with a company like airflo who makes polyurethane lines that last years and years. I wasn't as lucky as someone like hardyreels, the cheap lines I used broke down, cracked, or the coating just failed me eventually. So personally I think there is a correlation between fly line price and quality, but like everything else there exceptions to the rule and others who have a completely different experience.

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    Default Re: Does line price dictate quality?

    To share my opinion on the original question, I think the answer is yes.

    That said, there are some fifty dollar lines out there that will serve you well. You don't have to go for the most expensive line, but I would stay away from the cheapest stuff.

    Like Silver said, matching the profile or taper of the line to the action of the rod is very important. It sounds like you're getting some advice on that.

    Personally I would shy away from a bright orange, but I used to fish the Cortland lines in a light lime green. The color wasn't a problem. For the spookiest trout, I'd prefer a drab colored line.

    There was a thread on the forum recently about line care, but I don't remember the exact title. You might do a search. After investing in a decent line, you might want to clean it periodically and possibly use a line dressing to maintain performance.
    "Sometimes the least important thing about fishing is fishing." --Roderick Haig-Brown

  4. Default Re: Does line price dictate quality?

    Sorry guys for not updating this thread, ive been busy lately. I think ive decided on the airflo super dri elite in the "duller" of their color offering. I went to cabelas alst weekend and the gentleman in the fly shop said that he heard nothing but good reports from it. I didn't buy it yet but I will once I build up some points from Christmas shopping. Heck I may even have enough to get it for nothing. Thanks again for the help guys. Oh and heres a picture of the old line. I cant get it to come un coiled. Ive tried to tug on it but it just goes right back.

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    Default Re: Does line price dictate quality?

    Dumb question, but do you have enough backing on the reel? The last time I've seen that much coil was when I bought a used outfit where the guy put a perfectly good SA line on the reel with zero backing. It coiled like a phone cord and no amount of stretching would save it. If its a question of not enough backing one perk of a WF line is that you can trim off a few feet of the running line with no harm to casting unless you're trying to throw ninety feet. One thing no one has asked. How far, and with what size flys are you trying to throw?

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  7. Default Re: Does line price dictate quality?

    As far as how much backing in length I dont know. But when all the line is on the reel it fills it right to the top of the spool. Its almost as if there was more line it'd hit the little cover thats on the bottom of the reel. And as fae as flies and distance. This season I used poppers in a size 10 that I was using in a pond for bass and gills. I normally casted 15-20 feet due to the trees and weeds. But did occasionally get on the river and used a few flies that came with the kit I got. I can only guess the size but I'd say around 16 and down to 20. And ibwas able to cast those a good 30-40 feet.

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    Default Re: Does line price dictate quality?

    Quote Originally Posted by Hardyreels View Post
    Why orange? Is it a visibility thing? When fishing spooky fish I like subdued color lines. There is always disagreement on this subject but I can say with a high degree of certainty that when a bright line is false cast above water which contains fish that are wary, the flash of bright color from flying lines will announce your presence.

    Often fish may continue feeding but nothing you try will coax one onto your fly. I believe this is the result of 'conditioning' the fish have been conditioned to a relationship between fly lines sailing overhead and being hooked by fraudulent floating bugs. As I said people disagree with my thoughts about this but I have always tried to put every possible advantage in my favor. Line color is one that I have control over. The results have always been favorable and I still use gray and brown on my DT lines for light rods.

    Granted Spey lines are often brightly colored but due to the great differences between this style fly fishing and that which requires false casts, I don't get too bothered by it. I do however sometimes dye the front tapers of my lines to this day.

    It has never been clear to me whether the color of the fly line or the shadow of the fly line is what spooks the fish. Having said that, I still prefer to fish a drab color.

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    Default Re: Does line price dictate quality?

    I don't know that line color has anything to do with spooking fish. Has not been the case for me as far as I know. OP, maybe your reel is small for the size of the line you are using if you don't have backing. Leaving an eighth of an inch of fly line from the spool rim is the general measure.
    I have inexpensive lines and spendy lines. Some of both are ten years old and still fishing fine. A thought: when companies put out new lines they discount the old lines, sometimes as much a fifty percent. I bet they are still making a profit so I don't believe spendy lines have more merit than inexpensive ones.

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    Default Re: Does line price dictate quality?

    I much prefer just waiting until the expensive line is the cheap line

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    Default Re: Does line price dictate quality?

    Quote Originally Posted by itchmesir View Post
    I much prefer just waiting until the expensive line is the cheap line
    agreed! between the big auction site and online sales(mrfc,sierra trading, bargain cave etc...), its east to find a really nice line at a nice price.
    i just picked up a SA wf8-f sharkskin fly line from a fellow who had bought it last season, spooled it but never fished it.
    won it on the auction site for 25.00 shipped



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  14. Default Re: Does line price dictate quality?

    Well I ended up getting rio gold line. I went to cabelas and wanted the airflo but they stopped carrying it in the stores. Why I have no idea, pretty dumb if you ask me. So I ended up getting the rio gold trout line in 5wt. Its a paler yellow and pale green color (multicolor).

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