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  1. Default Mastery Textured vs. Airflo Ridge Nymph line size

    I'm using Mastery Textured Trout on my Redington CT 4wt, and that rod just loves that line. It really casts beautifully.

    I just picked up a CT 5wt, and while I'd like to get the Textured Trout for it, I just don't have the cash right now. I found some Airflo Ridge Nymph on sale, but I'm not sure if it has a similar weight and line profile as the Textured.

    Anyone know if these are similar?

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    Default Re: Mastery Textured vs. Airflo Ridge Nymph line size

    I have never used the AirFlo nymph but the Mastery Textured is a delicate presentation line, think dry fly fishing. Just based off the marketing of AirFlo calling theirs a nymph line. To me that indicates more mass in the tip and not quite as delicate of a presentation.But also not a full clunky line like GPX or some indicator lines. I would imagine with a 5wt you are probably not casting size 20BWO dries as it's primary function.

    Having never used the AirFlo I cant say for 100% certainty, but I would imagine it would be perfectly fine for a CT 5WT.

    Ive realized at my level sometimes I get spun up on the super scientific reviews we sometimes see. If I were to go by the experts I would think SA GPX is the perfect line for my Z-axis 4wt, conversely you would think Trout LT sucks on it. Well Ive cast that Z-Axis with GPX, Trout LT and RIO Gold and realized all of them work just fine. Obviously they all performed a bit differently, but I feel had I been on the water all 3 would have worked just fine.
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    Default Re: Mastery Textured vs. Airflo Ridge Nymph line size

    Cabelas has last years Rio Gold on sale for 39.95 similar head as master trout the head is little shorter 1/4 weight heaver .

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    Default Re: Mastery Textured vs. Airflo Ridge Nymph line size

    I have both the SA Textured Trout WF4F and the Airflo Tactical Ridge WF4F & they use totally different polymer & surface texture technology approaches.

    In terms of feel on my Scott G2, I found the Airflo Tactical Ridge to be slightly heavier, it felt like the rod was bending a tad bit more with it than the SA Textured Trout. I am pretty sensitive to such things, so someone else may not feel this.

    I did not notice a difference in 'shootability' or 'tip floatability', so its a tie on those properties. In terms of line memory, the Airflo was noticeably superior (less coiling off the reel) to the SA.

    I suspect the Airflo Nymph taper (shorter taper to turn over the heavy rig) may be different to the Textured Trout so cannot comment on how this particular version would feel.

    I also have a CT 3wt rod and being a slower action than the G2, I would expect the 'normal' Airflo Ridge taper to be a better fit.

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