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    Default 4wt line choices

    I am new here and looking for some help. I have an older Berkley Series One 4wt rod, 7'6". Any thoughts on a new wff line. I am not really up on all the new types of lines or rod actions. This rod is from the mid nineties. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks all.

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    Default Re: 4wt line choices

    Rio gold wf4f

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    Default Re: 4wt line choices

    Thanks, I will look into it.

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    Default Re: 4wt line choices

    Cortland 333 pro is another good option and seems to be clearanced at a lot of places... Most places you can get it for under $30 shipped

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    Default Re: 4wt line choices

    SA Textured Trout. I absolutely love the way that line performs, but the noise irritates me.... When I double haul, I feel like I am playing the violin... badly.

    I guess it is a personal preference thing.

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    Default Re: 4wt line choices

    Is it hard in the guides?

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    Default Re: 4wt line choices

    I don't believe so.... It's not like the sharkskin and really rough. It has just enough texture to make a little noise. Sort of like mud grips on the pavement. It talks to me when I use It sure performs though.

    I'm probably just used to the Rio Gold. This is my first textured endeavour.

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    Default Re: 4wt line choices

    Rio Gold is a great line.
    but I am using the Airflo Super-Dri Exceed for my 4wt now, just to try new things.
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    I have become a fan of rio lines. I used to use all S.A. lines and my favorites were mastery XPS for the 4wt size. I had something happen where I destroyed the coating on a section of line and in a pinch bought a Rio pocketwater line. It was really nice for the price I paid. I have fished the mainstream, Avid and trout LT. All have been nice lines that handled well. I mostly have glass trout rods left that I fish anymore and the trout LT works well on them.My suggestion would be an Trout LT or gold.

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    Default Re: 4wt line choices


    Welcome to the forum. Lots of good brand and model suggestions given but...

    When choosing a new line, what I take into account first is the action of the rod. I'm not familiar with Berkley fly rods. Is it slow, medium, fast action? Then take into account what type and size of flies you're fishing. Then where will you be fishing. If I had to venture a guess, small/medium streams right? What's important is that you buy the right line to suit how and where you're going to fish.

    Brands like RIO, SA, Airflo are all quite reputable and there are plenty of others out there that will suit your needs just fine. In order to give you solid recommendations, we need some information first.

    By the way, if you fill out your profile and put a general location, it can be helpful to those you're seeking help from when we provide responses.
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