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    Default Re: Best line for a Redington CT 3wt

    my 4wt CT LOVES the Rio Trout LT

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    Default Re: Best line for a Redington CT 3wt

    I put the cheapest of the Allen lines on it, WF3, and it seems just dandy for dries and small streamers.

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    Default Re: Best line for a Redington CT 3wt

    Quote Originally Posted by itchmesir View Post
    I've been casting my CT 3wt with a dt3f Trout LT... Great line and when one end is shot he can just flip it around and use the other end. I also used a trout taper for some time and it worked great. I'd stay away from the grand... It's a full weight heavier... Meaning a wf3 is really a wf4 and that CT is a relatively moderate action rod which much prefers lines true to their rating

    Cabelas lines are now made by Rio... Before they were made by Cortland and were still great lines for the money... I see their new Rio made lines are currently on sale.(the ones with the yellow/grey packaging)

    My friend just stopped by and he indeed got the Rio Trout 3dt. $40 at Cabela's. He had them put a perfection knot on either end of the line. I guess that is okay? He said they used "ambrosia" or "amsiesiha" or something like that on? It's a very thin....what? Plastic looking line? Never heard of it. Semi-stiff yet not... Ever hear of it? Does it float??

    Whatever. He seems happy. It does cast nice though. Wish I had the cash laying around!!

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    Default Re: Best line for a Redington CT 3wt

    Amnesia is often known as a type shooting line. Can also be used to create hi vis leader butts. It'll work as a nice "indicator" as it's probably neon red or green. It's mono so it'll float sorta. It won't pull the fly line down if that's what worries you. Plenty of people do what they did.

    Sounds like your friend got the Trout series. Not the Trout LT. Which is perfectly fine. It'll do everything he needs it to.

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