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The only person who can decide what's best is you & you have to try different things to make that type of decision. What's been posted here can certainly be used to guide you, but ultimately you've got to see for yourself what fits you & your fishing.

i think you hit the nail on the head.

i come from a conventional bass fishing background and have run the gamut on the types of FC out there, and have always fallen back on Sunline's shooter models. I see the difference it has made in my 'bottom bouncing' applications, and there's no way I would look back and use mono when it came to those types of applications. I think nymph fishing is synonymous as far as the concept goes.

the only time i use mono or copolymer is with topwater baits, simply because FC sinks a bit more than mono.

i figure my tippet to my dry will continue to be mono, but I'll be using stuff like Defier and Machineguncast to see if I notice the difference between traditional tippet material and the new stuff.

my dropper back to my nymph will now be FC, and I'll see how the combination works out.

thanks for everyone sharing their experience and their knowledge once again.