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    Default Airflo Distance Pro

    Anybody use this line? I used to love the old Mastery XXD lines...

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    Default Re: Airflo Distance Pro

    Not I but I do have an AirFlo that is a fine line, I'll just bump your thread. Are you shopping or did you buy one?


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    Default Re: Airflo Distance Pro

    SA's XXD got a name change to Expert Distance Taper but it was the same great line. Now the name remains the same but they have "modernized" the taper to be the same as the Textured Trout(Stalker) but with the classic Mastery smooth finish. Ex.Dist./XXD, which I have long thought should have been named "Mastery Presentation Taper" is designed to the standard of FFF Certification aspirants. The front taper (now longer) was medium for positive turn over, the belly long for roll casting and mending and the rear taper long too for loop stability and hinge avoidance. This remains along with similar RIO Gold among my go to trout lines. SA's Salmon Steelhead line is similar to this too. This line, a riff on the old Long Belly concept but with the addition of the elongated rear taper (very important), is the model for not only Gold but Cortland Trout BOSS and Airflo Distance Pro. I tried the predecessor to Distance Pro, the Airflo Rangfinder, and liked it but I felt the front taper at something like 18 feet was too long for precise control. I consider it a fallacy that very long front tapers contribute to delicate presentations; I prefer the positive turn over of a 5 or 6' front taper with a correctly matching for optimum energy transfer leader tapered to a 5' long tippet. These are the taper designs I use for in air and on water line control so important to dry fly presention techniques and select based on the rod's preference...some rods like a 1/2 heavy line, they get matched with Gold, others want a straight line wieight and usually the SA Expert Distance taper comes in. Sage ONE was designed to use RIO Gold which is a great match for it unless you routinely make longer presentations on large rivers particularly from a drift boat, then it likes slightly lighter SA Expert Distance better. One thing to consider with Airflo's version is its non-stretch core which may or may not be an depends and the jury is out.

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    Default Re: Airflo Distance Pro

    I'm a huge fan of Airflo Super Dry lines.
    The Distance Pro is the favorite of my club's casting instructor.
    I don't want to sound like a shill, but everything you read from the airflo people has proven to me to be completely true. I found them about 6 months ago, so I cannot speak to the lines of years past.
    Not inexpensive, good things usually aren't.

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