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  1. Default Sage Z-Axis 890-4 line?

    Been stuck @ home sick. That means too much time on the 'puter.... Found a killer deal on a brand new Sage/Reddington/Rio 'Save Bristol Bay' outfits. The outfit consist of a Sage Z-Axis 890-4, Reddington CD 7/8 reel & Rio Gold line (WF8F). I know I shouldn't have...but how could I resist for $500?

    Geez, I have barely cast with my St Croix U890.4 Clouser with SA Bass Bug line. I think catching a couple fish on it has ruined me.

    The Sage comes spooled with Rio Gold line. I know this is good line but, from what I understand, it isn't the line to use for big Largemouth or Striper flies. My plans are to use it for topwater initially. What floating line would you guys recommend for the Sage? For that matter, what line for the St Croix?

    Also, later on, what line for subsurface fishing?


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    Default Re: Sage Z-Axis 890-4 line?

    If you plan on lobbing big stuff with the Z-Axis for topwater, use a Rio Outbound Short WF8F line. You won't have issues thowning 1/0 Pole Dancers or bulky stuff like that. If you want to put it on the Redington reel, you will have to cut off about 20 feet of running line to make it fit on. The line has a very thick head to it.

    For subsurface action, you can either use an integrated shooting head or a true shooting head system. An integrated line, like the Rio Outbound custom T-11 line can be tailored for the head weight that you want. At 35 feet, it weighs 385 grains. At 30 feet, it weighs 330 grains. Or you can buy some different shooting heads and a running line to make a system for fishing different depths. I think that a Sage Z-Axis 8 weight casts ideally with most Striper flies at 300 grains.


  3. Default Re: Sage Z-Axis 890-4 line?

    I practiced casting the Z-Axis with the Outbound Short 8wt today. It really loads the rod compared to the SA Bass Bug 8wt line on the other reel.
    While I couldn't find the specs for the SA line, I saw that the Rio Bass line is @ 210gr. The Outbound Short is 315gr.

    If I step down a size to 7wt Outbound Short (265gr), which I think will be easier for a beginner to manage (me), will I still be able to effectively cast most striper flies?


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