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  1. Default Floating Flyline - Sage Three RPL+

    Good evening

    I am looking for advice on a replacement floating line for my Sage Three RPL+ 690. My Rio line died last night after 10 years of faithful fish tugging.

    I fish primarily stillwater here in BC with floating line with 12 foot leader, chironomid and strike indicator. i built the rod myself from blanks almost 18 years ago and it still fishes like a champ. Any advice, including suggested weight, would be great.

    In addition, I have a creamy white Sage rod tube with a missing cap. Any leads on replacement caps would be an added bonus.


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    Default Re: Floating Flyline - Sage Three RPL+

    If you got 10 years out of the RIO that ought to be endorsement enough to get another RIO. That is an exceptional length of service.

    I fished several times last week with the new LOOP USA lines, rods and reels and was impressed by all, especially the lines. With their fast rods and incredible lines I will be looking seriously at them going forward.

    Also, don't forget the lines from Allen Flyfishing a corporate member of this site. I have used their lines and love them as much as any I've tried in the past.

    Again, if the RIO lasted as long as it did I would look at getting another.

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