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    Default Optimized for warm water? (SA magnumn taper)

    I just bought two Scientific Anglers Mastery Textured Magnum Taper lines, one in WF5F and on in WF9F. They're billed as a half weight heavy, and designed for turning over big flies, leaders, split shot, etc. Ok, cool, I'll buy one for tossing bead head streamers or weighted nymphing rigs on the 5 weight, and one for my very fast 8 weight for swinging big streamers to salmon and steelhead.

    The very limited amount of chatter I can find on them includes an the SA website called "The Best Line Out There," which basically suggests it'll do everything but the dishes (it even says "very suitable when fishing dries for trout").

    Anyway, the lines show up, and on the back it says "Optimized for warm water," no mention of this from either the SA website or the site I bought them from.

    I assume this means that, since I don't tend to fish warm water, I'll find them to be fairly stiff in the colder waters that I fish. But does anybody have any first hand experience on this?

    I got them on closeout for $25 each from mrfc, so I'm not too put out if they're not as ideal as the could be, but does the hive mind have any input?

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    Default Re: Optimized for warm water? (SA magnumn taper)

    It's a line we have matched successfully with clunky TFO.BVK superseded by SA's Grand Slam. It is no dry fly presentation line no matter what SA says and I think it would be OK in summer trout (streamer) fishing but not cold weather steelheading or anything like that.

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    Default Re: Optimized for warm water? (SA magnumn taper)

    I've got the 8 wt on a one piece Hardy 8 and it seems to like it. I've only fished it in warm weather. I've been fishing a Rio Gold this winter for redfish and sea trout on VXP and TCX 8 wts

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    Default Re: Optimized for warm water? (SA magnumn taper)

    Well, that's disappointing. Thanks for the input.

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