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  1. Default Winston BIIIx 9' 6wt streamer line recommendation

    Hi Folks,

    What kind of lines are you guys using for streamers with the BIIIx 9' 6wt?
    Mostly for size 4 through 8 beadhead patterns.

    Was thinking Rio Grand or (1/2 size heavy?) but I'm intrigued by the Rio
    Outbound Short for it's quick shot characteristics. I wonder if the BIIIx would
    get too mushy with the Outbound Short (it's like 2 or 3 sizes heavy).


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    Default Re: Winston BIIIx 9' 6wt streamer line recommendation

    For a floating streamer line, I use Scientific Anglers Mastery "Kelly Galloup" Streamer Express WF6F line. Great turnover for weighted flies. It really taps into the 'secret' power of the BIIIx 690 If you decide to use a 1/2 line heavy trout tapered line such as Rio Gold or SA GPX/MPX as a dedicated streamer line, it helps if you cut off 12-18" off the tip of the line in order to eliminate the "hinge" effect.
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    Default Re: Winston BIIIx 9' 6wt streamer line recommendation

    Not really just a 6 wt but what about a B IIx 6wt or 8wt sink tip line....

    I am hearing good things about the SA Sonar 25 ft sink tip.. ???????
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  4. Default Re: Winston BIIIx 9' 6wt streamer line recommendation

    I tried some Rio Gold, 9' knotless 2x, #6 bh bugger. Just Ok with 10' of line out,
    nicer with 20', great at 30' of line. Starts to require effort at 40, flails (for me)
    at 50. Gonna try that fly on a beefier leader - 7.5' knotted 1x maxima
    and see how it turns over at 50. If so, I'm happy.

    For the sink tip , I have some 150 grain on the way. I think the 200 would be a
    bit much, plus I can use the 150 on my 5wt rod as well.

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