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    Default Re: Fluoro Vs. Mono For Leaders / Tippets

    When I am tying tippet to leader I use the Seaguar Knot because I find it very easy (especially using my hemostats) and because it retains a very high percentage of the line strength. I believe it was originally developed for connecting Fluoro to Mono so that fits this topic.

    Lately though I have bee messing around with furled leaders that have a loop on the end and so even with my tapered leaders I tie a perfection loop on the end and same with my tippet and then just double the loop-to-loop connection.

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    Default Re: Fluoro Vs. Mono For Leaders / Tippets

    Quote Originally Posted by Hardyreels View Post
    Hi Red Owl,

    I figure that any knot will work, even a double square knot. The blood knot is what I was taught way back there in the years and I have never saw any reason to try something else. When tied properly it gives a nearly perfect alignment of the sections and is as strong as the materials will allow. Learning the knot (I don't use any tool) is just like everything else about fly fishing, you must be determined to get good at it. There are multitudes of variations for doing things differently than the ways that I learned but I have virtually no expertise outside of my own practices. If you currently use something other than the old blood knot and it's working for you I would do like I do and stay the course.

    Ard, I'm with you on Blood Knots. Once you figure out to tie them - and there are tools to really help on this, bench side or stream side - they are a cinch. And as Ard says, they lie straight on the water, unlike most competitive knots I have experience with, like the Triple Surgeons.
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    Default Re: Fluoro Vs. Mono For Leaders / Tippets

    Quote Originally Posted by Hardyreels View Post
    When I lived in the North East I fished 75% spring creeks and 25% freestone streams. I used the same mono type leaders for years and when fluoro came around I began to use it for my tippets. The material offered a higher tinsel & torsion break strength than mono while maintaining the same diameter. This quality alone was enough to get me tipping my leaders with the new material. My logic was simple, if I could fool fish with 6 or 7X maxima with a break strength of 2.5 to 1.0 lbs changing to a tippet that offered the same diameter but a break point of 2.5 - 4 lbs meant I could reel a fish in quicker. Faster landing of hooked trout equaled more fish caught in a given period of time.

    I switched to using level leaders of 8 - 12 pound test for my streamer fishing because of the same features of the materials, stronger line at a smaller diameter than mono. Hooking a big brown trout on 12 lb leader that I had carefully tested my knots on gave me a high level of confidence while playing the fish. While there were some large specimens that indeed broke the knot while I was trying to beach them I believe the fluorocarbon lines were good for my over all success rate. I use this same material while fishing here in Alaska for all but the biggest fish on the big flies and for those I use maxima green in 25 lb test.

    As for tipping with the stuff; watch those blood knots, test them well because you are joining two different materials. With time I grew confident of my knots but in the beginning many broke while I was testing them. I used the Orvis knot for attaching flies regardless of what kind or size.
    Ard, I do the same thing for all my sinking lines(6 spools of different sink rates)-all using level leaders. Only I use 4,6, and for Henry's Lake 8 lb PLine. In fact I think I still have the same flouro leaders (6') I had on last year. Cutting the leader down to 4' is a lot of flies.
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