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Thread: Rio Flats Pro

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    Has anyone got their hands on this line yet?


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    Not yet but I look forward to trying it. I have used other limited stretch mono-core saltwater lines like Cortland's Liquid Crystal Blue with positive results and my next flats excursion will have this new RIO spooled up for sure.

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    Yes, I have the 8wt non-clear tip version. The taper is very similar to the Rio Permit. The coating feels different and the line lays very straight on the water for sure. I will fish it in a couple of weeks for bonefish, after that I should know more.

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    My fishing partner got hold of a spool at iCast and used it yesterday in +40deg C conditions, even hotter on the deck of the boat. He commented that the running line feels quite stiff and stayed 'wiry' even in those conditions. Given that the Rio Permit taper is one of my favourites I might get a spool and see what all the fuss is about.



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