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    Default Re: Tropical vs Cold Water Fly Lines

    I think the manager is wrong. If anything, I think you could get away with the opposite... with a caveat: cold water line is usable in tropical conditions, as long as you are wading and not on a boat, where the line would be on a hot deck and could get very soft. Conversely, I think the tropical line would get stiff and tend to have a lot memory and coil up in colder water, although I can't comment on that from actual experience, as I have never tried it. I am in south Florida, and I have used lines made for cold water with no problem. I've heard they can become limp or gummy, but I have not had it happen. That said, I generally try to use tropical lines here because you should use the gear made for conditions where you are. If you are going somewhere other than where you usually fish, you are probably spending some money to get there, so it seems short-sighted to end up not being able to fish as well as possible because you didn't spend a few dollars more on the right line.

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    Default Re: Tropical vs Cold Water Fly Lines

    I tried to use a cold water line down in Panama last spring, big mistake. The line got very sticky and very limp, and was a nightmare. I was able to use it for short casts and in calm conditions, but for longer casts in windy conditions the line was almost useless.


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    Default Re: Tropical vs Cold Water Fly Lines

    I guess it's all a matter of degrees. I use my tropical lines all year here in Texas. The Airflo doesn't handle as well in the 50's, 10-14 C, air and water, but I wouldn't call it unusable, inconvenient maybe. The Rio tropical line might be a little better in the cold. I havent had SA line in the cold yet. The only non tropical line I routinely use in the summer heat is Cabelas Prestige. It gets a little soft on a hot deck, but it's still okay.

    I haven't really fly fished much once the air gets into the 40's, below 10 C, and the water rarely gets that cold here.

    Come to think of it, I have 5 weight SA tropical bonefish line and used that in October in at 7,000 ft. asl Northern New Mexico. The air and water were pretty cool. The water couldn't been more than 60 and the maximum air temperature wasn't much different. That line did great in those conditions.

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    Default Re: Tropical vs Cold Water Fly Lines

    I was fishing the jetties down in menemsha. I'd say water temps were mid 60s and the air temp was right around 70. Fished from sun up to about 8am.

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