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    Default Re: How long does a fly line last?

    Quote Originally Posted by pnc View Post
    Never used line..... can't foresee any problems. Straightening and checking wouldn't hurt. I have used lines older & still working no cracks. Cleaning & dressing line extends life of line.
    Maybe Orvis line has short life span. But if your still using the line years from now. You might think the same of Orvis reps as me.

    ........ pc
    Indeed. Remember they are there to sell you something, not to tell you that what you have is good enough, so keep your money in your pocket. I have some older lines from the nineties that are just fine and other three year old ones that have crapped out. Ignore us and Orvis. Stretch the line out, dress it, and then cast the thing. That will answer the question.

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    Thanks for the advice. I wasn't concerned about using the line, I was more curious about the idea of lines having a shelf life, and what the relevant chemistry might be. The line I mentioned is a 10 weight sink tip (so the fact that it currently sinks isn't a problem) that I bought for next to nothing when a local store went out of business. I have used it once or twice (actually, I let my brother use it) on an ancient nine weight Shakespeare Wonderod (using a Redington Behemoth reel, which is actually a really nice reel though pretty heavy) on our annual trip to Rhode Island. While it is great right arm exercise, the combination isn't all that fun to use for any length of time, and he is more of a spinning rod guy anyway.

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