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  1. Default Cpl ?'s about lines for indi fishing with switch rod

    I'm looking for a new line to use primarily indi fishing GL. I have a Beulah 7wt 10'8" switch rod. It's manufacture recommends a 350-375 grain scandi line. The airflow Speydicator line I'm interested in is 490grains in the 7wt. Does this sound about right? I was also am considering using a Rio Salmon steelhead taper line. Would you guys recommend goin up 2 or even 3 in line size? I'm not looking to swing with this setup. I have a commando head spooled up for that. Im not looking for huge distance castes either I want something that can get the junk out there and has the best mending application I can get.

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  2. Default Re: Cpl ?'s about lines for indi fishing with switch rod

    I wouldn't. Switch rods and spey rods are very different in their required weights; that is, a 7 weight switch line is probably pretty different than a full #7 spey line. Looking at the graphic Airflo provided on the product page it appears you are "switching" with a line having about a 45ft head (9 front taper, 22 body, ~14 rear taper, = ~45). That's a long line and really long front taper for a sub-11ft switch rod; it would be great on my Death Star, which likes ~500 grains and meets the loose criteria for being a spey rod, but is a lot of line for a shorter stick.

    Grab Rio's Switch Chucker in what they've labeled a 5 or 6. It's a cannon, and unlike the Speydicator, has very little front taper. Recall that shorter rods take lighter lines for the same weight designation which serves to make labeling a line for universal use on all rods of a certain weight designation difficult. Labels don't matter, grains do.

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