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Thread: Line cleaning & optimisation

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    I clean the line with mild dish soap, wipe it down with water, then dry it with a paper towel. For dressing I use Armor All Protectant wipes with good results. The wipes can also be reused by sealing it in a zip lock baggie.


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    Quote Originally Posted by pnc View Post
    I think waters fished may have something to do with cleaning & dressing lines.

    .......... pc
    Yes indeed. My preference for silicone w/o additives has much to do with fishing in farm country where there's lots of dust and pollen. Summer algae is another big reason. Seems organic stuff likes to cling and bond to the pasty/waxy type dressings whereas nothing much sticks to plain silicone.

    Very nice when it migrates onto the rod guides and keeps the crud from adhering and building-up. I like to swab a bit of residual on the guides and rod from time to time as well, especially nice on non-gloss blanks which are hard to clean in harder water areas.

    Measured local water PH around my haunts long ago in my fish keeping/aquarium days. Usually around 8.6 so things can get a bit crusty from that as well, hence the pure grease approach. The more complex formulations simply don't go well out here, but I'd bet they work great in other areas of the country. Folks seem to love 'em.

    Advantages of pure silicone most appreciated in summer and warmer seasons.

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