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    Default Re: airflo super dri

    Well said Jr Spey. I use a Outbound (not the short) with a slow sink intermediate head when streamer fishing from a boat. Casts are typically less than 50 feet and often much shorter. You can shoot more id needed. It works for me in this situation. There are casting lines and shooting lines. I feel short head lines are more of a shooting line and longer head lines more ideal for casting and dry fly presentation. Your correct saying "Too many anglers find that this line, and its similar lines from Aiflo (Sniper) and others, allow them to feel their ultra-fast rod load. Therefore, they fall in love with it as it beats practicing to develop a more aggressive casting stroke. "

    I have a old SA Bass Bug taper in 9wt. Some of the short head saltwater lines may also fill this niche.

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    Default Re: airflo super dri

    I was told that OBS was developed especially for quick shot surf casting for Roosterfish in Baja or Stripers in the surf in the NE. RIO Grand is literally a full size heavy with a short rear taper and overall chunkiness. Sage suggested I try it on ONE years ago and I did...a casting performance, tip dulling killer. I can see how it would be OK for short quick big fly casts at a bank from a boat though. Slapping hoppers against a grassy bank is fun...I should do it more than I do.

    I like lots of backing even on my trout reels and select models that permit a 100 yds.+. I have not found this a problem with Airflo or any other line. Worst case scenario, assuming I'm mounting at home with no line yard counter, I might have to remove a little form my guestimated load. Line thickness does impact aerodynamic properties but this is Silver Creeks province. Consistency of coating does effect line, rock and, ahum, boot cuts during angling abuse. If you fish a line a lot, cuts and scrapes accumulate leading to a new line sooner or latter; we all prefer latter.

    A number of years back, at the beginning of our annual western trip, my bud, Dillon determined he needed a new line for his XP#5. We visited all the shops in the Wood River drainage which all but universally recommended SA GPX for "fast" XP (which we both new we didn't want). None stocked SA MEDT (oh, we don't need DISTANCE here on the Wood and Silver Cr.) or RIO Gold which had just been introduced. Finally, when we arrived on the Henry's Fork, TroutHunters suggested we try Airflo Ridge Tactical. Great Fork expert and shop co-owner, Renee Harrop, had participated in the new taper design with distributor Tim Rajeff for Airflo as it re-invented itself. The shop person suggested he had this line on his personal reel and, "Lets go outside and try it on your rod". We did and it cast very well loading the rod quickly and even in close. "How does it compare with new Gold that I see you have in the shop too?", I asked. "Oh, its much better!" "Do you have a reel rigged with it too?" "No", he confessed, "I actually have never tried it". "Well, I do, I'll go fish it out of the truck", I allowed. And so we did a back to back comparison using Dillon's XP is the mule. It was immediately apparent to all three of us that the Gold was smoother, sharper reflexed and more articulate in manipulation. Also clear was the Airflo featured this turn over kick I mentioned earlier...some may like this feeling of punch. "Wow", said the clerk, "I'm getting one of these, way cool!" And so did Dillon, right then and there.

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    Default Re: airflo super dri

    You know, for many years I actively promoted Airflo lines in the US, was even on the "pro program" for awhile.

    Their "Original Nymph Taper" in optic green with power core and harder coating was a fantastic fly line for all around rocky mountain use. It was basically a RIO GOLD style head but with body and rear taper extended a couple feet each and slightly more than 1/2 line heavy. It didn't always float all day without treatment but it was indestructible, hard coated and a great all around taper.

    Then they went and screwed it all up by switching to a "supple" coating ( soft & sticky) and called it the "Supple Impact". Like a fool I gave away my beloved Original Nymph lines and replaced them with the "Sticky Impact" lines. I raised hell with the US Distributor about those things but nobody cared to listen.

    Then they came out with this great new high floating Super-Dri stuff and and I tried the Elite & Exceed and generally disliked both lines because the tapers are just less than aerodynamically optimal for anything I do. But they floated great, didn't fit on the same size reels as the previous lines, but they floated really well.

    I then tried the quickly discontinued "Mend" line on Tyler's ( @ Rajeff ) suggestion and low and behold it was almost like having my Original Nymph lines back....... but the colors were hideous and lines were ridiculously long for trout fishing. I bought all the remaining WF5-6-7 stock I could find retail and wholesale and we fished them underlined a size for several years on our BIIIx guest sticks and they floated, mend and cast all around great for us in NW Wyoming......... but I hated that color. I asked for the same line in Optic Green............. I got told nope, we are soon rebranding Kelley Gallops garbage tapers from SA and you'll get those in an even more hideous color................ A shame because I had guys begging to buy those Mend lines to take them home with them. I once witnessed my youngest brother make a 90' laser tight loop cast into the wind with a Winston GVX 6wt, foam hopper on a WF5 Super-dri Mend line while wading thigh deep in fast water........ had another guy that couldn't cast any of his or our rods to save his life until I put a Mend WF5 on his reel and 8.5' Full Flex 5wt Orvis Touch. He immediately started throwing nice loops out to 50' or so with it. I sent that line home with him.

    So then I reached out to Manic Tackle in New Zealand and asked them about their Super-Dri Bandit Lines. They loved the things and sent me a couple to try out long before you could get them in the US. I tried them and it was like having the Supple Impact ( Sticky) lines back but higher floating and shorter, in a cool color combination. I used those in WF6 and WF4 for a season and ditched them. Nobody could see them to mend, and nobody could tell when half the front taper was submerged 3' under the surface either........

    So last season I tried some SA lines. Tried the Anadro Sharkwave on the 7wt's and and it was a clunker with a quickly sinking tip. Very disappointing. Tried the Textured GPX WF6 on the BIIIx's and it was better than I expected but not great. Tried a RIO IT Gold WF4 & WF6 and the first 5 feet of both constantly sank. So bad I was wishing for those Bandit lines back.

    If Airflo would listen to the input & feedback people ( non celebrity) provide them east of Washington, they could have the top lines in the industry. But they don't and won't.

    This coming season I'm giving the Cortland Omni-Verse lines a shot on the BIIIx 6wt's. I tried that same basic taper way back when it was called the Trout Boss on the 10' 7wt................ hopefully they are better now without the 2' white level sink tips.

    I know I am extremely picky. But I know what I like and know what a great taper is supposed to cast and fish like. I really wish SA would make a premium textured 1/2 line heavy Gold/Bandit type taper in Optic Green...............

    Now, the river conditions contributed to the performance of these lines mentioned previously. Our main river is a medium size Freestone, and from July 1 to Labor Day it is high, heavy and fast. Tips get pulled under very quickly if they don't float and mend really well. We do walk/wade trips no rafts, so basic some fly angler mending skill is required.

    Ramble off.............. for now.

    Happy Holidays

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    Default Re: airflo super dri

    Honeymoon is over for me and Airflo. I put River and Stream on my 4 wt. One and loved it for walk and wade. The taper was awesome and for the first time in my life I truly enjoyed roll casting.

    Flash forward to a cool afternoon striping water boatman on the pontoon boat and I would have sold it for a nickle. I spent more time untangling the running line than fishing. In fact, I ended up leaving early due to the frustration. I will be going back to SA or trying some of the new Cortland lines. I have had good luck with both.

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