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  1. Default "Pike Line" for hot weather...

    Howdy all,

    The line I'm currently using is a specialty "Precision Pike Taper" from Cortland: Cortland - Precision Big Fly - Pike Floating (90')

    It's a nice line, but I don't think it's intended to be used in the warmer temps we have locally - it's really soft and really prone to tangles. Drives me nuts. Esp. while casting from the float tube.

    I'd expect that all brands of "pike specific" lines are going to suffer this issue, because they're expected to be used in cooler northerly climbs. Is this correct?



    In hopes of solving, or at least ameliorating this tangling frustration, I'm thinking of going instead with a "bass specific" line.

    Seems like a sound idea, but the more I learn the more I realize I don't know... Any thoughts on this?
    Any specifics?

    Air temps here range from 75-90. Water surface temp hangs around 70-74.

    Another thought - I'll likely be making a trip to FL for some flats fun this winter. Perhaps there's a line you'd feel good about pulling double duty - both flats & pike?

    Thanks a bunch!

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    I just found a link to this thread: pike and bass fly line question

    It answers a lot of questions. Perhaps the SA Pike is a bit better in the warmth than the Cortland? Can anyone verify this?
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    Default Re: "Pike Line" for hot weather...

    The only thing that comes to mind are the Tropical lines that are offered by some of the manufactures. They are designed for warm weather.

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