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Thread: Leader Kits

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    Another reason Maxima Chameleon is used: To match tanic colored waters, as in Quebec.

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    I've slowly acquired all the Maxima Ultra Green leader spools from 25 pound test down to 3. When fishing nymphs I use the Maxima flouro tippet, for dry flies I use Orvis Super Strong. I know I've spent more then I needed to but these were purchased over a period of time, thinking I've got these already, may as well get the rest.

    Tying leaders is a fun way to occupy my time during a snow or rainstorm as well as tying flies. You can always keep yourself occupied with fly fishing even though you are not on the water. Just ask my wife!


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    Leader lazy here. I normally work off of a Rio knotless leader and modify to suit.

    Iíve owned Orvis and Umpqua kits. I preferred the Umpqua kit. Learn to tie the knots without a tool. I use a barrel knot for larger tippet material and a barrel or double surgeonís knot for 5x and finer knots (depends if I am on the water or not!).

    Iím thinking of going old school for some of my nymphing. I may ditch the strike indicator and build a leader with a section of amnesia. I write this to say that even if you decide to go prebuilt or knotless, it is a good idea to know the theory behind leader construction. It might come in handy. Another example is you may want a nail knot connection verses a loop connection. You need to know how to build the leader correctly; otherwise, you end up with a splice section which may or may not not turn over the balance of the leader.

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    Do you know those heavy duty, clear, zippered plastic bags that sometimes underwear or pillow cases and such come packed in? Usually they have an interior pocket with a cardboard that says, "100% Cotton - Made in Bangladesh", or something to that effect. These are what I pack my leader kits in. Now, I can't help myself, if I go into a shop and the guy says, "S&S, have you tried this new really cool tippet yet?", I buy a spool or two. Powerflex Plus, Cortland Top Secret, Super Strong, E.Puglisi Powerful TroutHunter a shop in Berlin I bought $100 worth of Stroft...into the kit bag it goes. So, my leader building kit I travel with not only has any diameter and consistency I might need but also serves as an experimental resource and a back up for when I leave a spool of 5X on some grassy bank somewhere. There is likely a back up Braided Butt and maybe a Nylon Furl in there too and a hank of 30# Dacron incase I need to rig a Nail Knot and Bimini Loop for the back end of a replacement fly line. Performing leader craft re-build or modification is something Dillon and I do at our camp table a few afternoons a week. For all our engaging discussions about rods, reels and lines, it is the leader and its tippet that ultimately connects us to our fly.

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