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    Default Re: First Sink tip line suggestions for streamers

    Far be it for me to speak for Ard--hopefully the man himself will weigh into this thread eventually--but his system is what I would call a variation of the versileader/polyleader/sink tip approach. The Rio Versi-tip system uses 15' sink tips of varying densities, but those are "traditional" sink tips--i.e., fly lines not leaders. The Rio versileaders and Airflo polyleaders are coated leader material--i.e., monofilament. I really don't think one approach is necessarily that much better than the others, it just comes down to what works for you and what you're comfortable with. I know some anglers complain of "hinging" with sink tips and versi/polyleaders, but I've never been bothered by that (probably because I'm not a good enough caster).

    Also, just FYI, I use these on my 8 weight single hander and my 7 and 8 weight double handers--your results may vary if you're using a 5 weight single hander. I have used the Rio Versi-tips on my 6 weight single hander (a Sage VXP), which handled them fine.


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    All good info shared. For the size 8-12 flies you are needing to throw, your 5 weight with a 150 grain sink tip will work great. I'd stick with a 10'-15' sink tip on a 5 weight and use a heavier set up if you need a longer sinking line. I personally use the 5'-10' Airflo Poly-Leaders on 5 weights, then on 6-8 weights I'll use heavier, 30' sink tips or full sinks.

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    Default Re: First Sink tip line suggestions for streamers

    Hi Michael I have a SA Sonar Sink 30 Cold (30' sink tip) on my extra spool for my 9' 5 wt. It gets flies down in good fashion. Casting this line is very easy, it handles well and also mends well. The leader/tippet set up I use is 3' of 15# Maxima Chameleon to a small barrel swivel, to help prevent line twist to 3' Maxima or Seaguar 10# Fluorocarbon. I attach the fly to the tippet with a Mono Loop knot. If the fly does get snagged up, most of the time I can bend the hook to get it off the snag, then reshape and sharpen the hook and I'm back in business without the loss of the streamer.

    This set-up has worked well for me for streamer fishing Brown trout and Smallmouth Bass. It works especially well for Smallmouth using a medium sized floating slider and when stripping the fly back in the sink tip pulls the fly under and when pausing the fly swims back toward the surface.

    Hope this helps!


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