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An English Man In Patagon 12-31-2008 04:37 AM

Line advice please..Rio/Jim Teeny??..Help!
Hi all....

Heading to Patagonia in six weeks:icon_roll and looking for advice on lines. Will be taking a Sage tcr 9wt 9ft for salmon and will be casting big articulated flies over long distances and often in strong head winds. Ideally I want a versi tip system to cut down on carrying extra spools and was looking at the Rio AFS Advanced Salmon Shooting Head Kit #9/10....any comments? The lines(s) basically should cover floating and sink tip ( about 5 ips). The Rio outbound has also been suggested....any good?

Second question: Also taking my 6wt 9ft xp and I am looking for a sink tip. Casting will be long distance in places so shooting head will be good. Flies will be from 14 nymphs to 6 wooly buggars and it does get windy. Jim Teeny 250 sounds good....any suggestion?

Thanks for your help...!!!!


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