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  1. Default Good deal or outdated line???

    Just found SA Mastery WF 6S and WF 9S Bonefish taper line at a fly shop for $10 a piece. New line in older boxes but line is in great shape. Good deal or waste of $20?

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    Default Re: Good deal or outdated line???

    Why not? When they were new they were state of the art. I fish with a 45 year old Salmon rod in its day it was state of the art, in my hand in 2008 it still was.

    $20 for two lines! Go for it.

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    Default Re: Good deal or outdated line???

    Quote Originally Posted by jebson38 View Post
    Just found SA Mastery WF 6S and WF 9S Bonefish taper line at a fly shop for $10 a piece. New line in older boxes but line is in great shape. Good deal or waste of $20?
    If they say 'AST' on the box they are of the newer generation of low maintenance, slick shooting lines.

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    Default Re: Good deal or outdated line???

    As long as they weren't set in the sun for a time somewhere they should be fine..
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  5. Default Re: Good deal or outdated line???

    Not AST Line. Cant see any sun damage or cracks. Will see how it casts.

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    Default Re: Good deal or outdated line???

    Just a heads up for other folks looking at this thread--- this is a great deal on a quality line, even though it's being replaced for an "improved" version (AST coating)..... BUT

    The SA Bonefish is a "tropical" line formulated for fishing in higher water temps 65+ degrees. In hot air temps, and warm water these lines are great. They could also be a decent choice for summer fishing for FW Bass and other warm water fish and a passable line here in the NE during summer when the ocean temps are 65-69 in summer and the days and nights are warm. It has a heavy weight forward taper perfect for throwing and turning over large weighted flies. The down side is that they take on a memory in cold weather and lower water temps, and it can be like trying to cast a slinky if you're fishing water in the 50's or below, or the outside air temp is very cold. For winter steelheading you may not even be able to get it thru the guides. Most mfgs' (SA, Rio, Airflow, and house lines Orvis etc have a selection of tropical lines in their product lineup)

    For trout fishing, and fishing in other situations, a coldwater line would be a better choice. Most FW lines -- anything designed for trout for example, would fall in this category. For SW, there are coldwater lines for fishing the NE and PNW. These lines work well in water temps from 30-70 degrees, and a wider range of colder and hotter air temps. The downside of these lines is that they tend to get gummy and limp in very hot air temps and warmer 75-80 degree water, or if you leave the reel on the dash in summer.

    It can be confusing. For example Rio offers Clouser and Outbound lines in both tropical and coldwater versions, so it pays to double check check when shopping for lines or looking through the bargain bins for fly lines.


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    Default Re: Good deal or outdated line???

    Last year I was given a line that was never used but obviously quite old.
    Much older than these lines in question
    It was a Shakespeare DT10. I'm not sure they even sell lines anymore.
    Anyways...During the first 10-15 minutes of use the line felt very oily.
    After that it became so dry that it didn't want to pass through the guides
    Never experienced anything like that ever before
    I probably got 30 minutes use out of it before I had to go back to the truck and trade it out for another line.
    Not trying to scare anyone away from using discounted lines. It was just this very old one that was way past it's prime
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  8. Question Re: Good deal or outdated line???

    How long should a floating line be good for? Mine has been protected in the case, on the reel, away from light. I'm sure the leader needs replaced but wondering about the fly line itself.

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