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    Hey y'all,
    I just had a random idea about this and I was wondering if anyone had ever used any of that powerpro fishing line for backing. I assume that most people have seen it or used it. It is basically a braided fishing line that is supposed to have the same test strength as normal line, but smaller in diameter. I figured it would be a pretty good idea to use this on fly rods since backing can take up a lot of room on smaller reels, and you can always use more room for actual fly line! lol. Kind of a long post, but simple question. Sorry. Summing it up: Could a guy use powerpro braided fishing line for backing?

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    You could certainly use it but I would use a bit of caution if you fish in an area where the fish tend to run far enough to actually use the backing. The problem with small diameter materials for backing is back lash type tangles due to the smaller diameters tending to sink into the wound line. It can happen with regular dacron backing as well but the smaller you go in diameter the more chances there are for the line tangling. If you are just looking to fill up space on the reel and the prey you are after don't traditionally run into your backing there won't be any problems.

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    Hi HookEmHorns,

    Yes, Power Pro is used for backing. You need to use at least 50 pound line and many use 65 pound. I would not use the 20 or 30 pound line because of its small diameter. Power Pro is fairly round and I don't have a problem with it getting buried in the spool. It makes a good backing because it is limp with little or no memory and it floats. It comes in a yellow and green color. Give it a try you might like it.

    Power Pro is very slick and normal mono knots won't hold well. You will need to increase the number of wraps when tying a knot.

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