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  1. Default Man I Hate Being a Newbie

    Hey y'all, Me again! haha. Probably not too surprised I have yet another question!
    I have a couple leaders that I bought a couple months ago from Orvis that already have to loop on the butt of the leader. The problem is, I don't have any idea what kind of knot would be good to connect my fly line to the loop with. I thought about cutting off the loop and just using a nail knot, but I hate nail knots, they are really frustrating for me and I don't know how to really properly do them either. Anybody have a good knot to connect it with? I'm sorry for such simple, basic, duh type of questions. lol
    While I'm posting this, I was wondering what kind if knot tying tool you all use? I saw a couple on cabelas website:
    I have seen the first one a bunch of times, and I have never seen the bronze one before. I was wondering what luck anyone has had with either one of them or if there is a better one out there.
    Thanks for the help everyone!

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    Default Re: Man I Hate Being a Newbie

    Hi HookEmHorns,

    You need to tie a short piece of mono to the end of your fly line using a nail knot. The Tie-Fast will make it very simple to do. A very good investment for a beginner. Use a piece of 20 to 25 pound mono. After it is tied on your fly line, tie a Perfection Loop in the end of the mono. When all is done you should have a piece of 25lb mono on the end of your fly line that is 3" to 6" long and has a loop in the end.

    Now fasten the loops together like the photo shows.


    Tie-Fast Knot Tying Tool
    Attached Images Attached Images

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    Ok. So would you guys suggest cutting off the loop of the leader or just to tie onto it? I'm not sure how strong the factory knots of these leaders are...
    Thanks and sorry for more questions... lol

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    Default Re: Man I Hate Being a Newbie

    I generally check them to make sure they look tight, and then use them. If you don't want to trust the mfg, the ideal knot is the perfection loop. Its a perfect one to practice while sitting around watching TV, and you'll be glad once you've committed it to memory.

    I'd rather hunt fish than bait deer any day.

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    Hey Hook 'em Horns I know the feeling when your first starting out and have what is considered an entry level or basic question. But if you don't know the answer it's still a valid question. Here's a web site that someone turned me on to and it's great! It's animated and you can either watch it like a video or watch it in stages. If you learn your knots if only a couple that you'll really need you will enjoy more time fishing that playing with your equipment. Here's the site address

    I hope this helps you. Tight Lines,
    Dennis in Idaho

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