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  1. Default Which end is which?

    Bought yesterday at K Mart a box of Scientific Anglers fly line for $1.00, they were having a clearance sale, no model of line was on box, just "Fly Line". The line is a WF-6-F. Opeded box and find line on a plastic spool secured by 2 "pipe cleaners", a loose end from the top of the coil of line is evident. Is this loose end the butt end that gets tied to backing or is it the WF end to which I tie the leader? No instructions on box, nothing. Thanks in advance.

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    The thin end goes to the backing. You might have to get into the line a bit as some line have two thin ends but one will transition into a thicker section on a WF line. Don't tie that end on the reel!

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    Yup, the thin end on the top of the spool goes to the backing. As you wind it on the reel you'll see 50-60 feet or so, then the front start to get thicker (the weight forward taper) and then it will suddenly thin down for connection at the very front 5 or 6 feet for connection to the butt of the leader.


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    Thanks Jakester and peregrines. You were both right, after digging into line it did get obviously thicker. It seems to me Scientific Anglers would include at least a clue, hint or even an offhand remark about how a given line should be loaded from the spool. But then again, when I think about it, I should have recognized that logic would dictate that the loose be taken to the backing and reeled on. Otherwise you would have to unspool the whole thing to get to the butt end. Think I'll go back and get whatever flylines are left at K Mart, all were $1 having been $29. They had several different weights that I currently have no rod for. Hmmm, could use new lines to justify need for... more rods. Starting to think like a veteren flyfisherman

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