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  1. Default Straightening Leaders

    Ok y'all.
    I bought some new leaders a couple weeks ago, and just decided to use them today since it was nice out. I got them out of the package and tied them onto the line.
    The leader is still curled up pretty much, even though I have used the Orvis leader straightener on it. So what else can a guy do to straghten the leader out more?
    I have gone over the leader about 3 or 4 times before I even tried to cast it out, and it still looks like a loose spiral hanging there. If I just need to keep going over it, or if there is anything else I can do, I would appreciate the help y'all.


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    Hello HookEmHorns, have you tried fishing them yet? A lot of times when I make up a new leader from the spools it will behave like you mention but within a short time after the start of fishing that will go away. Hope that helps !



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    Default Re: Straightening Leaders

    They usually straighten out after they get wet & a little tension is put on them... I sometimes rig up with a new leader at the car & then put the hook in the hook keeper on the rod, put a little tension on the line & by time I walk to the stream it's more or less straight & I can straighten it out the rest of the way with the leader straightener...

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    Furled leaders ...... ;-)

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    I got the leader wet and did notice that it helped a little bit, but it still was not quite straight. I didn't go back over it after I got it wet, so I don't know if that would help or not. But I will have to try it tomorrow if I go again.
    Thanks for the help y'all,

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    If you used a rubber leader straightener you might have ruined the leader by overheating it.
    Slowly sliding a new, dry leader through your hand with just enough friction so as to not burn your hand and then holding the leader taut for a second or two to cool off will straighten most trout leaders... as long as they weren't baked in the sun or are so old nothing will help them!

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    wet the leather straightner on the inside (I use spit, but water from where you fish is fine) Run the wet straightner over the leader once and you should be good to go. That is how I do it and don't have any problems.

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    Default Re: Straightening Leaders

    Hi HookEmHorns,

    To straighten your leader it has to be stretched. When you run it through the leader straightener you have to have resistance on the leader. You can't just pull it through. Now the problem, most leader straighteners use rubber to pull the leader through. This causes friction and heats up the mono. You can weaken your leader and epically the tippet.

    Try stretching the leader between your out stretched hands. I use my knee while holding the leader in my hands. Just take a section of leader and pull it around your knee. Hold the leader firmly so it doesn't slip through your fingers.


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    Frank, when I use to use mono leaders, I would put a rag over my car receiver (the ball) then step back pulling. I could do a 9' leader easily that way and it is right there.

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    Default Re: Straightening Leaders

    Hi Joni,

    Good Idea. With a new leader I have put the loop over the radio antenna and slid it down to the base and stretch away. I have also use the instep of my felt wading boots. But you got to have a clean boot.


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