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    Default Thoughts on Rio indicator line for steelhead

    Its time to replace my 8wt line and was looking into this line due to all the nymphing we due in Ohio for steelies. Any thoughts or info will be helpfull!!

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    Default Re: Thoughts on Rio indicator line for steelhead

    Hey Kruggy! Where have you been?

    I am not up to speed on the line you ask about but unless it is twice the cost of a regular line, why not? You know that I am pretty crude when it comes to line choice (always a DT floater) unless I need to use sink tips to reach the fish. I'm not much of a line connoisseur but it's good to see you posting again

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    Default Re: Thoughts on Rio indicator line for steelhead

    Hey Kruggy, long time no see... Take a look at the coldwater clouser line Rio makes; works great for indi fishing, and nicely for swinging flies too...

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    Default Re: Thoughts on Rio indicator line for steelhead

    Hey Guys,
    Sorry for not posting lately, just been very busy..

    Thanks for your replies, I will have to check out that clouser line Dan!!!

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    Default Re: Thoughts on Rio indicator line for steelhead

    It's a great line for what is designed for - slinging out indo rigs and line control. It will turn over multiple fly indo rigs easily. The longer belly is great for line control.

    If you want a multipurpose line, HRD's suggestion on the Coldwater Clouser line is a better option.


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    Default Re: Thoughts on Rio indicator line for steelhead

    I use the Indicator Line for my 7 wt. for Steelies. It's a great line, especially for roll casting larger flies/indies, floats well, and is what I expect from Rio lines. Solid.

    For my 8 wt. I use Rio Steelhead/Salmon taper. I chose this line because I use my 8 wt. on larger/wider rivers. It has a very long belly and is tremendous mending line. If you fish big rivers for Steel and really want to mend, I would select the Steelhead/Salmon line.


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