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    Default S.A Amplitude Smooth Infinity opinions or reviews?

    Love what I'm reading about this line, coming from a no stretch rio perception 6 as a streamer line I'm looking for a lighter versatile line for my 5 an 6 wts more tailored toward drys terrestrials an nymph rigs. Any opinions?

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    Default Re: S.A Amplitude Smooth Infinity opinions or reviews?

    It’s a real nice all around line. The sa amplitude mpx line is great too but can get rough on the fingers after a while.
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    Default Re: S.A Amplitude Smooth Infinity opinions or reviews?

    It depends if the rod you are using really needs that slightly heavier than standard line. I have both the Infinity and Trout Smooth. For my Sage ONEs, Hardy Zephrus Ultralite, older model Sage LL and Winston IM-6 I prefer the Trout version, especially for dries, soft hackles and lakes. My older Scott S3 is the only rod I have that prefers the Infinity.

    But I have never fished the Perception so can’t comment on that line. I do use Rio Gold quite a bit and like that better than Infinity as well.


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    Default Re: S.A Amplitude Smooth Infinity opinions or reviews?

    The plan is to underline a G886 for even softer presentations with drys and terrestrials an for handling more line out the rod and hopefully, better distance. The line is listed as a half weight heavy so the plan was to overline my 7'6" 5 wt for smaller streams where easy loading at shorter distance will be key, it's an old Clearwater which are a faster action rod so im anticipating a nice match. The intention was a line that could cover both rods properly for their intended use.

    Iv read rio gold and the infinity were similar lines with a taper not all that different with an extended rear taper. What has me leaning toward the amplitude is the reported durability and slickness allegedly contributing to shooting better and floating well and lasting quite a bit longer than the rio products.

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    Default Re: S.A Amplitude Smooth Infinity opinions or reviews?

    I bought the SA Smooth Infinity Amplitude for my 905 Radian and it turned it into a rocket launcher compared to my Rio Gold. Smoother casting, tighter loops and less effort IMO. Bought a slower action 905 Scott GS a while back and between the Rio Gold and an old Cortland Lazerlite it likes the Cortland better. If I buy a new line for it, it will be the SA Smooth Trout which everyone recommends for the Scott G's.

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    Default Re: S.A Amplitude Smooth Infinity opinions or reviews?

    There is a multi page thread on this subject a few lines down on this page. For GS's Smooth Trout or RIO Technical Trout are ideal. 1/2 heavy Infinity is aggressive and not well suited as a dry fly line, more weighted nymph and streamer applicable. Scott S3 is one rod actually designed to fish with a 1/2 heavy line like Infinity or Cort. Modern Trout.

    We (including me) can write whatever we think but ultimacy the rod in the hand of the caster determines the optimal line...this can not be determined tough by only trying one line which is like saying Ford is better than Chevy but never having driven one.

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    Default Re: S.A Amplitude Smooth Infinity opinions or reviews?

    If the "G886" is the new version GS886, I would contribute that I have found the SA Mastery Expert Distance Taper WF6 to be an excellent pairing for the rod when wanting a presentation line that offers more distance capability. There are numerous reasons why but I won't turn the thread into a line design discussion, suffice it to say that longer distance is enhanced with longer bodies and tapers, as once past the taper of any line and into the running line the progressive load of additional fly line weight has essentially peaked and one has then maxed out their ability to add progressive load with more line, a long body and taper offer continued progressive weight enhancement as more of the line extends beyond the tip for a longer distance than short headed and tapered lines which load closer and are designed to carry "payload" easier within it's intended usage of range.

    This said, a line in and of itself, cannot be good nor bad. Lines are simply designed for different characteristics and applications which may or may not match well to individual rods based on the rod's unique characteristics. Matching the line to the rod, and further, the characteristics required by the desired habitat to be fished is the paramount task to garner a well matched, efficient, and pleasant fishing combination.

    Personally, I like the SA Amplitude Smooth Infinity for rods that are being used for heavier payloads, at moderate distances, and when wind may be of issue, but also, only on rods that are friendly with half heavy my stable this might be a rod such as my Scott Radian 9' 5wt. For presentation, distance, and a wider range of payload requirements (lighter to moderately heavy) and rods that prefer true to weight lines, like many in the Scott GS series, I use the SA Amplitude Smooth Trout Taper, except in instances where it's a true to line weight rod with some additional reserve power, like GS886, and then the still true to weight but heavier grain weight SA Mastery Expert Distance Taper is a logical choice for both progressive payload application and distance.

    IMO, the RIO Gold is perhaps the most universal of all line designs, it has become a line for me that allows testing of all rods to find a baseline of the rods line preferences, true to weight rods will throw it fine but whisper they prefer lighter yet, and heavier line preference rods will throw it fine but whisper they could use a touch more in close or could benefit from a longer taper out long. I will state, while I appreciate the design (and associated performance characteristics) of Gold, I've never been a RIO fan boy and do wish the coatings would see an update. SA, among other makers, have, IMO surpassed RIO in the coatings aspect. There are however, a great number of rods that really like Gold, and I have found that some will accept Infinity as an alternative and others will not.

    Back to the thread...I would not recommend speculating on "underlining" the GS886 by a half line weight light Infinity 5WF, as you are not only a half weight light, but also still running a comparably shorter taper as well, which neither will aid in your distance objective, let alone the loss of payload handling between 6wt and 5wt spread. Though your theory may be plausible for the over lining for close work on the Clearwater 7'6" wt.

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    Default Re: S.A Amplitude Smooth Infinity opinions or reviews?

    Amazing info thanks so much for the detail.

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    Default Re: S.A Amplitude Smooth Infinity opinions or reviews?

    I fish one on a Sage X 591-4. I bought it because my intended purpose for this rod was throwing weighted redfish flies to smaller reds. I have also fished a 5 wt bone fish line on it which is more true to weight and cast better, but the Infinity tapers carries weighted flies better.

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    Default Re: S.A Amplitude Smooth Infinity opinions or reviews?

    I got this line in a 5 wt floating last fall and am really liking everything about it. Casts super smooth and accurate. Long belly allows delicate presentation at all distances. The line is super slick and shoots through the guides efforTlessly. Liked it enough to get one in 4 wt for another set up but waiting out the cold before I give it a try.

    Sorry rereading, I am using the Smooth Trout not the infinity.
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